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Why Buy Refurbished Apple Computers & Devices? Tips From Experimac Winchester

Are you in the market for an iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, MacBook® laptop or iMac® computer but having a hard time finding the device you need at the price you want? Have you considered buying a certified pre-owned Apple device? If you haven’t, consider the following facts:

  • Buying Refurbished Apple devices is as reliable as buying new devices, just 60% cheaper! When thinking about the purchase of an Apple device, laptop or computer, always consider that certified pre-owned devices might slightly differ from brand new devices, but due to consistently updated operating systems, those differences don’t affect the performance. This allows you to benefit from the unbelievable savings that come with purchasing a slightly older or slightly used model from a dependable seller such as Experimac Winchester, VA.


  • Our certified pre-owned computers & devices undergo an in-depth diagnostic evaluation to guarantee they are in excellent condition.Here at Experimac Winchester, our experts not only inspect, grade, clean and refurbish every single one of our pre-owned products, they also install all the latest operating systems available at the time of purchase. All components of the device, from their appearance to their physical operation, are all thoroughly examined, tested and retested by our highly trained technicians to ensure reliability and quality.


  • 90-day warranty.Though certified retailers only sell devices that make the cut in terms of quality, some extend coverage should devices have any issues. Experimac covers products for 90 days from purchase so you can feel confident when making a purchase from Experimac Winchester.


  • Buy certified.Sometimes, buyers consider buying cheap, pre-owned devices from less reputable sources such as Craigslist or directly from a private individual. Devices could be worn, have weakened batteries, or even more serious, unknown problems. When it comes to buying a pre-owned device from an individual or from an online listing, there is no assurance or diagnostic testing. Certified pre-owned products from Experimac Winchester are safe, risk-free investments, meaning you don’t have to inspect the camera, keyboard, speakers, etc. on your own. We don’t cut corners. Here at Experimac, we share the history of the devices you are purchasing with you and explain the services we have rendered as part of our certification process.

At Experimac Winchester, you not only save money on the device and computer you want, we also offer several different ways to make it yours. We now offer financing to make owning the Apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook you want easier and more affordable than you ever thought. Call us at (540) 486-4472 to find out how we can help you today!