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Where to Go for an iPhone Repair in Sandy Springs

iPhone Repair in Sandy Springs

The time will come when you find yourself in need of iPhone repair in Sandy Springs. In fact, approximately 25 percent of iPhone users will drop their phone at some time and break the screen. For this reason, every iPhone owner needs to know where to turn when they need their phone fixed. Thankfully, consumers have options when it comes to obtaining needed repairs. They don’t have to head to the Apple store and pay the prices demanded there. What are these options, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

Insurance Option

Some individuals opt to purchase insurance through Apple and make use of their AppleCare policy to fix their screen. The cost of an Sandy Springs iPhone repair is much less when this is the case, yet the insurance tends to be costly at the time of purchase. There are two benefits of going this route. Individuals who have a tendency to be rough on their phones will find they save money over the long run, and taking the phone to an Apple store protects the warranty.

Repair Center

Others opt to find a local repair center that can assist them with the iPhone screen repair in Sandy Springs. This option does tend to be cheaper, but individuals need to be careful and ensure they choose a provider with the experience needed to replace the screen. Very little time is required to fix the phone, and the cost may be cheaper than the Apple store. This does depend on the type of device to be fixed, as screens on newer phones will cost more. Some companies also offer a mail-in service to have the screen replaced. However, using one of these services will void the warranty on the phone.

Do It Yourself

An individual may also attempt to replace the screen on the phone without assistance. Doing so is not an easy task, and a person may find they end up spending more to fix their mistake than they would have just to pay someone to fix the phone. It is an option to consider, however, for those who do know how to make repairs to mobile devices. Doing so voids the warranty on the phone, and this needs to be remembered.

People tend to upgrade their phone regularly, thus the warranty becomes less of an issue. iPhones seem to hold up well over time, and cracked screens are usually the most common issue. For this reason, if you crack an iPhone screen, you may wish to avoid the Apple store. If you break your phone every other week though, it’s best to head to the Apple store and preserve the warranty. Only you can decide which option is right for your needs.