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What does your Ringtone Say About You?

Did you know that the ringtone you pick for your phone, or decide not to pick, can actually say something about you? Psychologists agree that whether your ringtone is a pop song, a traditional ring or even silenced, it means something and demonstrates personality traits about you to the world around you. Wondering how your ringtone is perceived by others around you? Take a look at what they've found:
  • An older rock song could date you, but it also means you know your way around technology. You feel confident with your age and you're not afraid to hide it. If you're a younger person with a song that outdates you, you are an independent thinker who is not afraid to part ways with current trends and expectations.

  • Using a ringtone already installed in your phone could mean that you're down to earth and practical. You're happy with the simple things in life and choose to spend your time on things that matter more than a ringtone.

  • If you stay current and use hit pop songs as your ringtone, you are a person who loves variety. You are adventurous and love new experiences. You probably do your best to stay aware of current trends and change your hairstyle as often as you change your ringtone.

  • Having classical music as a ringtone could go one of two ways: you are both refined and sophisticated, or you are very stressed out. Classical music is proven to calm nerves, and your ringtone may be what you use to destress, particularly if you get a lot of work-related calls.

The choice of ringtone is not the only cell phone component that shares tidbits of your personality with others. Cell phone etiquette does as well:
  • The person who interrupts a meeting because of their phone is not only demonstrating bad business etiquette, but they are also giving you insight into their personality or lifestyle. They may be self-centered, forgetful or even overwhelmed. Either way, leaving your ringtone on during a meeting is not the best way to make a good impression on others.

  • The person who always leaves their phone on silent is usually someone who puts the day-to-day activities in front of them before phone calls, and loves to live in the moment rather than on the phone. However, be careful, this could be misinterpreted as being unreliable or antisocial.

  • The person who never picks up calls is often someone who is overwhelmed with pressing matters, or is someone who doesn't care to speak on the phone and would rather be left alone. Again, this can be taken either way, so be mindful of the calls you are choosing not to answer.

  • The person who answers calls right away can be seen as dutiful, helpful, but also over-eager. If you're the kind of person who picks up calls at inopportune times, you could be making a horrible impression on those you care about or with employers.
Make sure you are making the right impression with your ringtone and sound settings as well as your phone etiquette. If you need help with your iPhone® device's ringtone settings, no worries! Visit your local Experimac to see what our highly experienced technicians can do for you today.