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Virtual Reality (VR) on your iPhone® Device

These days, you can do just about anything on your iPhone device, even experience virtual reality. Imagine voyaging to far-away lands, shooting zombies, or even flying a helicopter. Just connect a virtual reality headset to your iPhone device, and do these activities and more in the virtual world.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technological simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with using specialized equipment.

How do virtual reality headsets work with the iPhone device?

These head-mounted pieces are designed to work with your phone to produce a three-dimensional display. The headset synchronizes your movement, vision and audio to immerse you into a variety of fictional and realistic settings. The headset uses varied feeds sent to one display or two separate displays (one per eye). Lenses are placed between your eyes and the pixels, which can often be adjusted. These lenses focus images for each eye and create the 3D image by positioning two two-dimensional images to mimic how human eyes view the world. The image feels real due to how wide the picture is. Most headsets use about 100 degrees for the field of view.

Which headsets should I look at?

Seeing that an Apple Inc.® VR headset does not exist yet; the following are good choices to pair with your iPhone:
  • Google Cardboard®
    If you're hesitant or unsure about whether or not you want to invest into a solid VR headset, take a look at this option. Coming in at around $15, this kit is an affordable option that is a great introduction into the VR world. Though, you get what you pay for; this piece isn't made for durability, and likely will not last very long.

  • View Master DLX VR®
    This mid-line option was the first model to be sold in Apple® stores. Though it's not sold there anymore, it is a great option. With a redesigned smartphone mount, it now works with android phones as well as iPhone mobile devices.

  • Carl Zeiss VR ONE GX/Plus®
    This headset is quite impressive and has the biggest price tag on our list. It will require the additional purchase of a smartphone tray; make sure you purchase the specific tray for your smartphone. The VR ONE has incredible optical design and Zeiss precision lenses and has a comfortable fit despite the omission of onboard controls.
Virtual reality may be just what you need to disconnect after a busy or stressful day. Experimac can help you make sure your iPhone device is working properly to maximize your VR experience. Come by your local Experimac today and we'll be happy to run a full diagnostic on your phone.