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Replacing Hard Drives and Adding RAM to Your Mac® Computer or Laptop

The most common reasons computers run slow are failing Hard Drives or not enough RAM. If you are starting to see the dreaded spinning beach ball at boot up, your hard drive may be at risk of imminent failure. Hard Drives store your data permanently, and have a typical lifespan of 4-5 years. Older hard drives have a spinning disk that rotates at extraordinary speeds to search for, retrieve and write data. The more it has spun, the more wear and tear it has on it. The next generation hard drives are Fusion Drives (spinning disk with a small solid state portion that contains your operating system) or entirely solid state drives that are essentially one big microchip, with no moving parts to break. Solid State Drives are lightning fast, don't experience the wear and tear of a sinning disk, don't run into the same partitioning issues that plague rotational drives, and require less energy generating much less heat - so less need for fans to run. Replacing a traditional rtational drive with a new Solid State Drive will result in a HUGE performance boost to your laptop or desktop, longer batter life, and more stable data. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the immediate need memory that stores all of your working changes, "undo's", and running application processes. Unlike a CD or hard drive, RAM is accessed randomly instead of sequentially and the data is NOT saved to the hard disk. Most computer users will notice that their computer is in need of additional RAM when a computer slows down or crashes when running multiple applications. Each program that you open (including the browser used to access this web page) is loaded into RAM memory while it is running. Most Apple® computers are shipped with 4 to 16 GB of RAM. 4GB may be plenty for the user that browses the web and checks email. But a user that is running photo editing software, editing videos, writing music or other application that are more taxing on the computer, then upgrading to 16GB or even 32GB will give your computer a HUGE boost of speed. At Experimac - Orchard Park, Southtowns pre-owned Apple® product experts... where we Buy, Sell, or Trade everything Apple®. We Repair & Service PC's, Mac's®, iOS devices, Androids, and more. Bring your computer into Experimac - Orchard Park today for diagnosis and recommendations on extending the lifespan of your investment with a RAM upgrade and a new Solid State Hard Drive. We love what we do!