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Greet the Season with Top iOS® Apps for the Holidays

The holiday season comes with many inconveniences. Malls packed to the gills, present wrapping paper cuts, travel delays, long grocery lists, burnt pies – you name it. End of year festivities and preparations are often inherently stressful.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up our top five recommendations for apps that will make your planning, cooking, and shopping a little simpler – giving you more time to prep for next year (or take a nap).

  1. Cooking App: KitchenPad Timer

    Every chef knows that timing is everything. When it comes to coordinating a huge holiday meal, there are usually a ton of different timers to consider. KitchenPad Timer allows you to time each dish individually, even associating dishes with a specific burner on the stovetop or rack in the oven.

    Once you set your timers, you’ll be able to track them all together on the main screen, ensuring that each dish is taken out at the just the right time.

  2. Shopping App: The Christmas List

    Once rated the #1 shopping app in the US, The Christmas List allows users to budget and track their holiday gift buying with ease. The simple set up can be organized into different lists, such as family or friends, and can be itemized to include each gift individually. The budgeting feature gives the user full visibility into how much they’ve spent and can also be associated per person.

    With so many different shopping trips and online orders to keep track of, The Christmas List pulls everything into one place, eliminating unneeded trips to the mall and reminding you of gifts you’ve forgotten to pick up.

  3. Planning App: Cozi – Family Organizer

    The holiday season comes with many events. From kids’ school programs to family get-togethers, it can be easy to lose track of times and dates. The Cozi app gives you full visibility into the entire family’s schedule and even allows you to track grocery lists and meal plans.

  4. Stress Management App: Yoga | Down Dog

    Is holiday stress getting to you? The Down Dog yoga app is the perfect choice for yogis on the go, regardless of experience. Bringing the studio to you, the app has options for beginners, and even for those experiencing back pain. Each class is set to the music of your choosing that is paced to the movements of the yoga poses. No more excuses for missing your favorite yoga class because you are traveling.

  5. Photo App: Ink Cards

    Run by Sincerely, Ink Cards offers an app that creates customized cards. If you’ve let your holiday card plans fall to the wayside, Ink Cards gives you the opportunity to create high-quality, customizable designs that can be shipped within one week.

    In the app, you can add photos and text that can be customized to suit your style. The finished cards can be shipped to you in packs that you can distribute in-person or through the mail.

Making the List

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