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Top Free iPhone® Apps Of 2021

Free is a really sweet word. And when it means getting more out of your Apple® smartphone, it's even sweeter. We've curated some of the top free iPhone® apps of 2021 by order of category, so you can take the time you spend with your smart sidekick to the next level.

Video & Animation

It's easy to get pulled into the video and animation money pit, especially when creating epic home videos and movies is your passion. Before dropping big bucks on apps that will help you achieve Twitch® stardom, take a shot at these top free options.


Free video-editing app "Clips®" is geared towards creating content that's shared on social media. Widescreen capabilities, classic titles and traditional editing tracks are just the start of what this handy app fuses into a fun, streamlined, and straightforward editing process.

Enlight Pixaloop®

From automated, moving-sky backgrounds to camera wobble and text overlay, Enlight Pixaloop® allows users to bring still photos to life with an impressive array of special effects. Whatever photo magic you create can be uploaded directly to the Photos® app on your iPhone® and then straight to your social feed.


Give your videos the perfect soundtrack with nothing more than a finger when you use this free iPhone® app. Simply select a music genre and use your favorite digit to adjust volume, sample tracks and preview your masterpieces before sharing them with the world.

Sketching & Design

From adorning your Instagram® photos with hilarious headlines to generating custom websites that showcase your creative talents, these free iPhone® apps will help your media shine.

Add Text: Write On Photos®

This free, photo-editing app makes it easy to tell the whole story by adding custom text to your photos. Adjust font, color, alignment, perspective and apply other fine-tuning effects that will impress your followers.

Autodesk SketchBook®

Autodesk SketchBook® is a now-free drawing app that features an expansive set of real-world creative tools. Use this to draft complex compositions or to simply doodle free-form.

Universe Website Builder®

Whether you're a professional looking for a new career opportunity or a musician working on getting the band in the spotlight, this free website builder will help you do it in style. Choose from a variety of templates, edit text and upload your custom content, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Kid's & Toddlers

Keeping your little ones entertained is a full-time job. But that doesn't mean you should have to pay top dollar to do it. You can download these excellent, free kid-and-toddler-friendly iPhone® apps at the drop of a crayon.

Laugh & LearnTM Shapes & Colors

Laugh & LearnTM Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby is a free, interactive experience for very young children. This lively learning app allows its users to tilt and tap to make shapes appear and bounce around the screen.

Wonderbly Storytime Books®

Take your child's reading time to the next level with Wonderbly Story Time Books is the iPhone®. This interactive story-telling adventure offers tales centered around a fictional child's magical quest to find their forgotten name.


Tankee is a free video-streaming platform that's designed for children who want to watch videos about gaming specifically. Create an account, and your little gamer can choose their avatar, save favorites, follow favorite channels and more.

Office & Organization

Keeping your office and mind free of clutter just got a lot easier, and it won't cost you a red stapler. Rely on these top free iPhone® apps to keep your day-to-day schedule running smoothly.


Pages® is a complete word processor for your iPhone® that features a wide range of templates, such as reports, letters, cards and posters. It also provides a friendly, efficient and intuitive interface.

Hour Blocks Day®

Hour Blocks: Day Planner reimagines calendars in a more simplified form by narrowing down what you're doing to any given hour. It can be integrated with your existing iOS® calendar data and synced across your smart devices through iCloud®


Similar to Apple's iCloud Keychain, LastPass® allows you to securely store website login/password details and payment information across a variety of systems and interfaces.

Diet & Exercise

Lose your expensive personal trainer's number because you've just found three of the top free diet and exercise apps of 2021. Download any of these to put your health and wellness on the fast track.

Vanilla Bean®

With Vanilla Bean®, you can eat in a more sustainable and green way when you're not at the house. This app figures out your location and lists nearby restaurants that offer vegan, vegetarian and other earth-friendly options.


Uncover a virtual world by exploring the real one. Walk, cycle, or drive to suggested locations and win virtual medals for your efforts. With Strut®

Oak Meditation & Breathing®

Discover complete relaxation without complexity or price tags. Choose between three options: meditate, breathe, and sleep. With this free app, you can track stats and earn achievements along the path to a better you.

You can download any of these top-rated apps today at no cost. All you need is a smart device. Enter Experimax, where you'll find a wide selection of certified pre-owned Apple® smartphones and tablets, all with prices that work with your wallet. Stop by today. We look forward to talking tech.