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Is your Laptop Battery Driving you Crazy? Prolong its Life with these Tips.

The luxury of a laptop lies in its ability to go anywhere, anytime. Portability leads to productivity and efficiency which is precisely why laptops are so popular. Of course, this mobility is contingent on the battery health and life of a device. Caring for your laptop battery properly will extend its charge and promote a higher level of productivity and enjoyment of your laptop.

Do you believe your laptop battery should keep a charge longer? How much do you ask of your laptop to do at any one time? If your laptop battery is causing you stress, try these tips to prolong its life:

  1. Keep your device software updated

    When an update notice comes across your screen, accept it. It is important for the life of your device and the health of your battery to update as needed. The updates are engineered to address specific concerns and improvements. In fact, an update may be geared towards extending the life of your battery charge by issuing a patch to use less battery.

  2. Quit apps you aren’t using

    Apps utilize considerable processing power. However, the more processes that your system runs, the harder your laptop will have to work. The hotter a system gets (from overworking), the more battery power is used. Check to see which processes are running on your system and close down the ones that you don’t need. Keep a simple workflow so that your battery life can be extended on your laptop. Also, it’s effective to delete apps that no longer serve you. Apps can quickly clutter up a system. Assess which apps you actually need and want, and get rid of the rest.

  3. Set the energy saver

    Both MacBook® laptops and PC laptops have an energy saver function. This can typically be found under System Preferences (for the MacBook laptop, for example). There are options to use less power even while still using your laptop. MacBook laptops have the ability to put hard disks to sleep when possible and slightly dim the display while on battery power. Setting these battery saving options will help you to determine the areas where you can cut back on usage.

  4. Disable features

    If you do not need to run a function, shut it down. Disconnect the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other functions that tend to drain battery power. If those functions aren’t essential, disable them temporarily. If you are going to be “out and about” with your laptop and you’ve got to rely on a charged battery, be sure to double-check which features you absolutely need. Try to work offline whenever possible.

It should be noted that all batteries eventually die and need replacement. Batteries have a specific amount of cycles that they can withstand. But there are certain steps you can take to improve the quality and the lifespan of your laptop battery. Above all else, give your system a rest when it’s been working hard. You can put your laptop into a sleep mode which will keep the battery vital and functional. When your laptop battery begins to show signs of wear, consider seeking expert battery advice from the techs at your local Experimac store