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Tips for Taking the Best iPhone® Photos on Spring Break

It's Spring Break time! Here are our top tips for taking the best iPhone photos during Spring Break or any time of the year. Learn how to get the most out of your iPhone camera's features.
  1. Save time and use the camera shortcut The perfect moment to snap a picture can happen at any time, isn't that why we use our phones to take them? Don't waste time unlocking your phone to take a picture, simply swipe up from the bottom of your lock-screen and snap a shot. Don't worry about privacy, your stored pictures can't be accessed if you lock your screen.

  2. Use the volume button to take pics The iPhone's thin design, while sleek, can make taking pictures difficult, particularly selfies. You may find it easier to use the volume buttons to take pictures instead.

  3. HDR Auto HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range" and could drastically improve your pictures by allowing you to take pictures that may have high contrast light, such as a bright sunset, without distorting any part of the picture. You can turn this feature on or off at any time, but many find it helpful to rely on iOS 8®'s HDR Auto feature, which leaves it up to your iPhone's sensor to turn it on or off.

  4. Focus A blurry picture doesn't do anyone any good. Prevent blurry pictures by holding down your finger on an integral element of your picture, locking focus on whatever you press down on. Be sure to not get your iPhone too close to the subject of your photo; this will make it difficult to focus your picture properly. Try to also get on the same level as your subject for a better photo.

  5. Burst Mode Spring Break usually brings adventures and trips out and about. Again, your pictures don't have to be blurry but you do want them to capture the fun. Use Burst Mode when chasing after the kids, going for a ride or for any picture you try to capture in motion. By taking pictures in burst mode, the quick succession means a better chance of getting a clear shot of the image you want in addition to more options to choose from.

  6. Grid iPhones have a grid option installed, designed to help you keep your pictures balanced, straight and on-point. You can enable this feature by going to the camera section of your iPhone's settings.

  7. Selfie-Stick If you plan on taking many selfies, pictures with landscapes or pictures with a large group, a selfie-stick is a fantastic way of capturing moments. Many stores and online shops sell selfie-sticks as they have become very popular. They are pretty much an arm extension when taking a picture, meaning that you can fit more people or background into your shot. These are great for large family gatherings or visiting landmarks such as the Grand Canyon. Some tourist attractions don't allow the use of selfie-sticks onsite, so be sure to double-check before bringing one.

  8. Filters There are many apps that you can use to spice up your photos and edit colors and crop any image. These apps can be particularly helpful if you plan on uploading pictures to social media accounts because they make it easy to label where the photo was taken or add festive borders, for example. Snapchat and Instagram offer their own fun and colorful filters for pictures and videos.

Whether your Spring Break will be spent catching up with old friends in your hometown or abroad on a grand adventure, make sure your iPhone is ready to help you take those memorable pictures. Experimac can repair your screen or assess your camera issues before you set off on Spring Break.