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Apple Pay® is Changing Everything!

Apple Pay is changing the way consumers pay for products and services. The one-step payment process means you don't have to dig through your wallet or purse to find credit cards or scrounge up some cash. Here's what you need to know about Apple Pay . . . What is it? Apple Pay is a one-step payment feature exclusive to Apple® devices that avoids the need to carry credit cards. Long gone are the days of diving into your purse or wallet for cash or a credit card at check-out. Simply open Apple Pay while checking out, tap your phone onto any compatible pin pad, and you're all done. How secure is it? Apple Pay is very secure thanks to tokenization and Touch ID®. Tokenization is a method that replaces credit card numbers with symbols, protecting sensitive credit card information from being stolen without your authorization. The Touch ID fingerprinting feature commonly used on Apple devices is used to secure payments, minimizing undesired purchases and other cases of unauthorized use of your card. How can I get it? Apple Pay can be downloaded in the Wallet® app once iOS 8.1® or later is installed in any of the following Apple devices: iPhone 6®, iPhone 6s®, iPhone 6 Plus®, iPhone 6s Plus®, iPhone SE®, iPad Air 2®, iPad mini 3®, iPad mini 4®, iPad Pro® models or the Apple Watch®. You can easily add up to eight credit or debit cards to Apple Pay using your device's camera. You can manage your Apple Pay account in Settings. How do I use it? When paying within other apps, tap the ‘Buy with Apple Pay' button and then all you have to do it is check your billing, shipping, and contact information to make sure it's all accurate. You can also choose to pay with another card. If necessary, enter your billing, shipping and other contact information and you will not need to enter it again as Apple Pay will store it for you. Then, simply put your finger on Touch ID and once the payment has been sent successfully, a checkmark and the word ‘Done' will appear on the screen. You can also use Apple Pay in stores that accept contactless payments. Once you are ready to pay in the store, open the Wallet app on your compatible Apple device and place your registered finger on Touch ID as you hold your device within an inch of the contactless reader until the word ‘Done' appears. Once the payment has been accepted, you will also see a checkmark on the screen. And voila, you have just paid using Apple Pay! Where can I use it? Apple Pay is accepted in hundreds of stores including grocery stores, gas stations, hotels and much more. You can also easily use it to pay within a lot of other apps. There is never a bad time for convenience. Using Apple Pay is ideal for the day-to-day rush or even while shopping online. Considering setting up your cards through Apple Pay but finding that you need an upgraded iPhone® device or a repair to your iPad® tablet? Come in to your local Experimac today and we can help you out.