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The Best Options for iPhone Repair in Atlanta

iPhone Repair in Atlanta

There’s not much that can compare to the feeling when an $800 iPhone falls on the ground and the screen cracks. Fortunately, there are options available to remedy the problem that don’t require replacing the phone. First of all, the screen is not covered under the warranty so iPhone users shouldn’t expect a free iPhone repair in Atlanta. It is, however, covered for proactive customers who purchased AppleCare+ for a fee. Even with the service plan, choosing this option could leave a person without their device for nearly a week.

DIY Repairs

As soon as their screen cracks, iPhone users almost always turn to the Internet for answers. When they get there, they often come across affordable repair kits. These kits are less expensive than the costs for Atlanta iPhone repair at the Apple Store, so they seem like a good deal. How hard could it be to replace a piece of glass? The problem is, the iPhone screen is much more than a piece of glass. It is a touchscreen that controls a lot of the functions of the device. Another problem with do-it-yourself repairs on iPhones is that there are numerous screws and they are all different sizes. It’s so easy to make a mistake that many people give up before they even get started. Those who do try to replace their own screen soon realize it isn’t worth the savings.

Independent Repair Shop

Those iPhone owners who purchased AppleCare+ can get a discounted rate for a repair or replacement of their device at the Apple Store. However, for anyone who didn’t think they needed the extra protection, the costs are a lot higher. In many cases, Apple will not even replace the screen but will provide the customer with a refurbished device to replace the one they broke. Customers without AppleCare+ and those who want to keep their own phone might want to consider using an independent repair shop for their iPhone screen repair in Atlanta. Technicians have the expertise to repair iPhone screens quickly so owners don’t have to go days without their devices. They are also more affordable for people who didn’t invest in AppleCare+.

Accidents happen and expensive electronics sometimes break. It’s important to know how to get them fixed without spending a fortune on repair costs or having to replace the device. Choosing an independent provider to fix a phone is typically the most economical option.