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Textiquette: Experimac's Top 10 Tips for Texting with Manners

In the modern world, we can't imagine how we ever lived without text messages. Texting can be very convenient and quick, just make sure you mind your manners if you want the recipient to respect you and your messages.

Here are our top 10 tips for using your manners when texting:
  1. Never text and drive: The most important texting manner is to not text and drive. Nothing good comes from not paying attention to the road nor the conversation you are trying to have. Both deserve your undivided attention, don't do both at the same time.

  2. Give others your full attention: Whether it is during a date, a business meeting, or any social event, don't text when engaged in social interaction or when your attention should be on others. Texting distracts you and others, preventing clear, open and trusting communication. Don't text and talk, give others your full attention.

  3. Proofread: A text full of mistakes can leave a horrible impression on the recipient, Though the idea behind texting is the ability to send a quick message, not taking the extra minute, it takes to proofread could be detrimental to how your text's reader understands you and your priorities. Using too many emojis should also be avoided for the reader's benefit.

  4. Avoid abbreviating and over-shortening words or phrases: Though abbreviations can be fun and useful, they can also be confusing and even seem lazy. Take the extra moment to spell out words and phrases properly, particularly with business texts and when texting those you don't personally know very well.

  5. Be mindful of length: There are few things more frustrating than a long text, as it is easy to miss important details. Limit longer messages to emails or phone calls.

  6. Avoid group texts: Group texts are another way that texts can become confusing and even annoying rather quickly. Often times, those in the group text aren't sure when responses are directed at the group or them specifically, and several responses coming from several people can be overwhelming and even annoying.

  7. Do conclude text conversations: Concluding text conversations is frequently overlooked, and it shouldn't be. Providing finality to text conversations is satisfying and more straight forward. The only exception to this may be if you text a friend on a daily, or more regular, basis.

  8. Be sensitive to privacy: We are never certain who has access to texts we send to others. Avoid including private information in texts in order to prevent privacy disasters.

  9. Don't text bad news: Whether it is a break-up, a death in the family or losing a job, sad news should never be texted. Give the person the respect of telling them in person. If you can't see them in person, telling them over a phone call is the least you can do.

  10. Be patient: Because you are not in front of the person you are texting; you can never be sure of what they are doing when you send them a message. Don't grow impatient if someone doesn't respond right away. If you believe you've been unclear in previous texts, perhaps clarify. However, don't rush the person to respond to you.

At Experimac, we understand better than most how much you rely on your phone, not just for calls but also for text messages. If your iPhone® device is giving you trouble, bring it in and we'll take a look at it so you never miss a text message again.