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Siri® Feature Shortcuts to Help You Translate Anything

Translating into other languages has never been easier thanks to the Siri feature and Siri shortcuts. Apple® device lovers know the Siri feature is a voice assistant like no other. When traveling to a foreign country, a language barrier can often interfere with your experience. Also, if you frequently visit websites with foreign content, chances are you’re eager to find a simple translating solution.

As global technology improves and becomes faster and more efficient, there are more options for translation services and functions. The Siri feature translates English to dozens of other languages, not vice-versa.

Here are a few ways to translate language, text, and websites from your iOS® operating system device:

  • Speak to the Siri feature directly and ask (for example), “How do you say extra cheese in French?” The Siri feature will speak “back” with the appropriate translation.

  • If you’d rather not speak with the Siri feature and broadcast the content you are translating, simply choose to “Type to Siri” feature functionality. You must disable the Siri feature voice mode and enable the “Type to Siri” function. Then, type your content into the Siri feature text box. The Siri feature will still display and read the answer out loud, so if discretion is important, be sure to use earbuds.

In order to translate an entire website, you must install a translator app. As always, verify any content before downloading to ensure compatibility and safety.

  • Install a translator app on your iOS operating system device. Google Translate does not offer an iOS operating system extension but Microsoft Translator does. However, with Google Translate, you can snap a photo of a sign with your iOS operating system device and it will translate the content. You can use Microsoft Translator to translate speech, text, and photos. Bing Translator is similar to the Microsoft version yet only translates web pages.

  • Add the translate feature on your iOS operating system device. This is done through Safari and works in conjunction with the translator app you have installed.

Could you really make good use of the translator abilities built into the Siri feature? If you are having trouble getting the Siri translator feature to work properly, stop by your local Experimac store. The Apple® device experts at Experimac will help you get it working.