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Recycle Your Tech - Help Planet Earth.

Two billion, three hundred and thirty million, four hundred and five thousand, five hundred and eleven. That's the number of devices that would eventually be discarded if every person in the U.S bought seven phones in their lifetime. That's just in the U.S, and that's only phones. It seems like every day, there's an updated version of the devices we love. As beneficial as advancing technology is, improperly disposing of outdated versions can be extremely harmful to the planet.

Save Landfill Space

Electronic waste is taking up more space in landfills than ever before. Most electronics are impervious to biodegradation, meaning your old computer or iPhone® may end up buried indefinitely, or for millions of years at the very least.

Harmful Materials

While consumer electronics are generally not harmful to users, their components can be hazardous to the environment when not disposed of properly. Materials like lead, mercury (and others that can be found in things like your computer's LCD screen) can seep into our soil and groundwater.

Help Your Community

Responsibly disposing of your tech is also an excellent opportunity to help out your community. Many charitable organizations will give your old or outdated devices to schools and community members in desperate need of technological support.

Ways To Recycle Your Gear

Before doing anything with your tech, remember to either erase or back up any data you wish to keep private. Then, take it to Experimax to see if it still has value. Outdated tech can be traded in for upgraded equipment or for cash. If your gear i too old or damaged for an Experimax trade or to be donated to a charitable organization, we'll help steer you toward the right place to dispose of it properly. Thank you for recycling your e-waste correctly and for making the Earth a better place to live.