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Ray Connors, Architectural Sculptor Adds his Artisan Sound Amplifying Stands to the Artisan Accessories Collection at Experimac - Orchard Park

Ray Connors, an Architectural Sculptor, has been an integral part of the Historian Restoration movement throughout the United States and Canada over the past 22 years. Some of the local projects he has sculpted include the exterior of beautiful buildings such as Buffalo’s iconic City Hall, Delaware North’s Headquarters, The Liberty Building, Grover Cleveland High School, and St. Casimier R.C. Church. After craving more artistic touches in this increasingly technological World, he has begun crafting one-of-a-kind, beautifully sculpted, Artisan Sound Amplifying Stands out of his ceramics studio in Orchard Park. You can view and purchase Ray Connors Artisan Accessories at Experimac - Orchard Park at 3229 Southwestern Blvd. Orchard Park, in the 5-Corners, Top’s/Lowe’s plaza behind Taffy’s, near Moe’s.