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Pre-Owned Apple® Store: Pre-Owned Apple Products That You Can Trust

Pre-Owned Apple Products That You Can Trust

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get right after you purchase a brand new phone. Possibilities seem endless as you hold in your hands a mobile device, which 92% of American adults possess and cherish. But what if you received this phone as a gift, and instead of being brand new, it was really a pre-owned product? How can you be sure that your new, beloved phone is as good as new? Does "mint condition" mean the same quality as fresh out of the box? Where To Buy Pre-Owned Apple® Products: Experience the Experimax Difference Here at Experimax of Carrollton, a growing retailer of pre-owned Apple products, we promise our customers the answers and attention they deserve in order to make the most educated buying decisions to satisfy their electronic needs. Tight budgets can afford our pricing, trust our warranty and benefit from the savings. Reconditioning Process of Pre-Owned Apple Products We've all heard that knowledge is power, and the same goes for understanding reconditioned products and their value. Not everyone has extra cash to invest in a new computer, but the option is available to look into buying a reconditioned device at a lower price. Fear of the unknown is dissolved when we take the time to learn about our investments. Experimax of Carrollton makes it simple for any buyer to be a smart buyer. All pre-owned apple products undergo a rigorous reconditioning process before they are marked for sale at Experimax of Carrollton. Each and every product you find in our stores, whether it be a Mac® computer, iPhone® device, iPod® device, Apple TV® device, accessories or iPad® tablet, works just like new and meets our high standards. If you are one of 73% of the population who own a desktop or laptop, would you be interested in browsing our large, ever-expanding stock of pre-owned Apple® products, knowing each one is carefully cleaned, thoroughly inspected, and handled with the utmost care before you see it on our shelves? Actions Gain Trust Spend less and reduce the stress of your decision by reading the warranty. It never hurts to cover the "what if"  scenarios before making a purchase. At Experimax, we pave the path to a risk-free purchase with our 90-day guarantee. If something breaks, we promise to repair or replace the defective part at zero cost to you! Experimax of Carrollton is hands down the place to go to save money on pre-owned Apple products. We also offer offers extended warranties. At Experimax, we take the stress out of purchasing pre-owned equipment. With our 0% interest financing offer, we aim to make the purchasing process easier for you no matter if you are purchasing for your home or business. Whether you are looking for an iMac® computer, MacBook Pro® laptop, MacBook Air® laptop, iPad® tablet, or iPhone® device for yourself, your family or your employees, our financing offer is one you can't pass up. If your purchase total is over $500, you can opt to spread out the payments over a 3, 6 or 12-month period with 0% interest. Additionally, we are able to offer options for 24- or 36- month financing at low interest rates based on your current credit score. Stop by Experimax of Carrollton and see what we have to offer!