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Pre-Owned Apple® Products: What You Need to Know

Ask any long-term user of Apple products what they love most about their computer, tablet or other device, and most likely they will say - reliability. Mac® computers, for example, are not sold in the volume of other computers; they're more expensive and are sometimes intimidating to PC users but their users love them. Additionally, gaining access to test out the usability of Mac products can be very limited in some areas. Buyers who are on a tight budget often find even the most affordable Mac computers unobtainable which can lead them to consider purchasing a pre-owned model. Of course purchasing anything pre-owned comes with risks but we can help you make the best decision for you and your needs.

Here are some tips for purchasing a pre-owned Apple product:

What is a pre-owned Apple product? Pre-owned Apple products can include gently used Mac computers, MacBook® laptops, and iPad® tablets that were traded in for an upgrade or bought out-right for rebuild. Pre-owned Apple products are inspected, repaired, and tested prior to being sold at a lower cost. At Experimac, we are proud to offer our customers a 90-day repair or replace guarantee on every product you purchase. Why purchase a pre-owned Apple product? Apple products are known for their sleek design, reliability, and cutting edge technology - not to mention their easy usability. Unfortunately, brand new Mac computers can cost a hefty penny. Pre-owned machines also offer the high reliability and ease of use like brand new Mac computers but at a much lower price point. Buyers can feel confident that their investment is in a high quality machine that functions just as it would if it came from the Apple store. How much savings can you expect? Pricing for each pre-owned product is unique and based on the age and computing capability of that product. While there are no exact savings that we can guarantee for each of our pre-owned Apple products, we can guarantee that you can expect a great deal and a great product. What about warranties? Experimac is proud to offer a 90-day repair or replace warranty on every pre-owned Apple product that we sell. We also offer our customers a full 7 days to familiarize themselves with their new product ensuring that they can feel confident that they have purchased a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Owning a high quality Apple device or computer doesn't have to break the bank. Experimac has a large inventory of pre-owned Apple products such as Mac computers, MacBook Pro® laptops, and more that can fit your needs and budget. If you, your family or your business is in need of a computer or other device, consider stopping by your local Experimac store to try out a pre-owned Apple product. Our trained staff can answer any questions you might have about taking the plunge.