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Parental Controls: Experimac Can Set Them Up For You

There's nothing scarier than not knowing what your kids are doing online. The average age of exposure to porn is 8 years old. Stop in and we can help you set up parental controls on any of your Apple® devices. Using electronic devices should be a positive and fun experience for your family. It is important to inform your children of the dangers of the Internet and model responsible Internet behavior for your family. However, sometimes it can be tough to moderate their online choices when you're unavailable. It's important to establish trust in your child, however, keeping your children happy and safe online works best when you can maintain honesty in addition to some basic levels of protection. In recent years, there has been a move towards using vault apps. Some of these apps are free while others require payment but these apps offer a false sense of security. Users have been led to believe that their sexts, including naked photos and other inappropriate material, are being kept in a top secret place but that's not always true. The use of these vault apps is alarming and should cause parents to raise questions. Parental controls are not designed to spy on your children, they are designed to protect your children. Unfortunately, the Internet can be a very dangerous place if not moderated. From child predators to sensitive and inappropriate information, parental controls are designed to protect your children from the dark corners of the Internet. There is a great variety of parental controls available today. There are specific parental controls designed for targeted ages and purposes. Whether you're concerned about who your child is chatting with or how much time they are spending playing their favorite games, Experimac can help you set up the best parameters. Parental controls can be set up on your iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, MacBook® laptops and other electronic devices. Curious about what parental control options would be the best fit for your family's needs? Call or stop by your local Experimac and one of our friendly sales associates will be more than happy to share ideas with you about how we can help you safeguard your family.