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Owner Spotlight: Krishan Bibra from Experimac of Laguna Hills, CA

We recently sat down with Krishan Bibra from Experimac of Laguna Hills, CA to talk about his experience running an Experimac store. The Laguna Hills Experimac store opened in June 2016 so he's been working very hard for over 6 months. Prior to owning this Experimac store and becoming an entrepreneur, Krishan worked in the Aerospace industry for 30 years. Experimac is a trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, iMac® computers, MacBook® laptops and more. Additionally, we also sell accessories for these devices and offer same-day service for repairs and upgrades. We're often able to fix your device while you wait. Experimac offers a 90-day warranty on all repairs because we want all of our customers to experience the Experimac difference.

Krishan explained that having lived just a few miles from Laguna Hills for almost 30 years now, this seemed like a great neighborhood in which to open a business. All Experimac locations are locally owned and operated by people living in those communities. For Krishan, although the days are long, he's found it all very interesting. He has learned a lot along the way and specifically, a lot about these Apple products that were new to him as he was a PC user for 30 years. Here is some more of what he had to share with us:

EXPERIMAC: Do you do the repairs yourself or is it all done by your technicians?

Krishan: Right now, it's all done by the technicians but I'm able to do them if needed.

EXPERIMAC: Have you been able to get involved in the local community in your area? Have you joined any networking groups, chambers of commerce, etc.?

Krishan: I have recently joined the Chamber of Commerce in the area.

EXPERIMAC: Have you participated in any local events to get to know the people in the community more?

Krishan: I haven't done anything in regards to events yet but as I get more involved with the Chamber of Commerce, there are certain events they help organize that I will get involved with.

EXPERIMAC: What kind of feedback have you gotten from customers?

Krishan: We've gotten great feedback about excellent customer service. We have customers that have come back again and again for help with other issues. They're happy and are recommending us to other people. We're focusing on finding new customers.

EXPERIMAC: Have you noticed any patterns in reference to the kind of work Experimac customers need done – more screen repairs, less upgrades, for example?

Krishan: It's mainly screen repairs and MacBook repairs for us here in Laguna Hills.

EXPERIMAC: Is there a "typical" Experimac customer?

Krishan: Not really. We've seen customers with a wide variety of needs.

EXPERIMAC: How many hours do you personally work on an average day?

Krishan: I'm here at the store Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm and 10am-5pm on Sundays. I'm here all week. It's pretty much a 24/7 job.

EXPERIMAC: When you're not working, do you have any hobbies or favorite pastimes?

Krishan: I enjoy going to the movies but right now, I don't have much time for that.

EXPERIMAC: What would you say are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Krishan: At the top of the list would be marketing skills to be able to get your business the attention it needs, putting it out there. You have to know how to do that. Also, you need to know your products inside out. You want to be able to advise customers properly. If they're not a Mac® user, for example, I want to be able to give them the right advice. Lastly, it's important for you to know how to do all the jobs in your business yourself, as the owner, so you can hold people accountable.

Krishan Bibra is a hard-working entrepreneur who clearly knows what it takes to be successful as a business owner. The long hours and dedication to always be present in his store sends a strong message to his customers as well. They know they can count on him. Remember to stop by his Laguna Hills Experimac store if you need your phone, laptop, tablet or computer repaired. He and his team can also help you find a great pre-owned device at an excellent price. We're sure your visit to Experimac Laguna Hills will be a wonderful experience.