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New Year's Resolutions Just for iPhone® Device Users

The season of resolutions is upon us. While the care and use of your iPhone device may not immediately top your list of habits to improve upon, there are some simple tweaks you can make to your current routine that will ensure your device is running its best . . . for a long time to come. Bonus – these resolutions are likely some of the easiest ones you’ll cross off your list.

As we close out one decade and move onto the next, we’ve compiled a list of our top four iPhone device habits to stop, start, or swap.

  1. Dial Back on Notifications

    If unlocking your phone causes an avalanche of notifications, it may be time to revisit your settings to determine which apps could stand to limit their daily alerts.

    Take note of the notifications you consistently snooze or ignore. Visit each app individually in your Settings to determine how often you’d like to receive notifications and whether you’d like to receive them in the form of a badge or banner. Have a can’t-miss set of notifications? Make sure to assign them a sound so they won’t get buried at the bottom of your lock screen.

    Your iPhone device also has a feature that allows notifications to be delivered quietly. With this setting enabled, the notification will not play a sound or be displayed on a banner. Instead of appearing on your lock screen, the notification will simply appear as a badge on your app icon.

  2. Organize Your Apps

    While you’re determining the notifications you want to receive, you’ll likely notice apps you didn’t even realize you had. This calls for a clean-up. Any app you don’t recognize or haven’t used in the last year should be deleted – much like last year’s clothes. By doing this, you’ll free up valuable storage in your phone, making room for apps you will use more regularly.

  3. Limit Your Screen Time

    It’s no secret that we spend way too much time on our phones. We still use them for messaging and phone calls, though there’s truly no limit to the capabilities of our iPhone device – from navigation and calculations to managing the security and comfort of our homes.

    With the Screen Time feature, you’re able to pinpoint exactly how many times you’ve unlocked your phone, which apps got your attention, and how many notifications you’ve received. This information might make your stomach turn at first, but is helpful in setting a baseline when you’re trying to limit your phone use. Try limiting certain apps entirely, or scheduling periods where you can only use certain apps.

  4. Invest in a Quality Case

    Your iPhone device is an investment and something that you use every day. We all know how easy it is to drop a phone, so it’s important to choose a quality case that will protect your device in the event of an accident. If you’ve cracked a screen or two (or even if you haven’t!), you’ll want to make sure a screen protector is part of your purchase too.

Get Tips from the Pros

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