Are you new to the Mac? Computer Family? If you are, there are things you need to know.

There’s nothing quite like the soft, clean feel of an Apple® product’s packaging. If you are new to the Mac computer family, the excitement of your purchase will continue as you learn about your new system. Mac computers are known for their innovation and user-focused engineering. The more time spent with your Mac computer, the more comfortable you will feel. Apple products are at the forefront of functionality and productivity. There are countless benefits of using a Mac computer.

For an optimal experience, here are four features and functions every Mac computer owner should know:

  1. Read your user guide

    Before you set up your new Mac computer, read through the user guide that accompanies your system. This step may seem irrelevant, but taking the time to familiarize yourself with your new Mac computer will help you to understand each of the unique features available. Setting up your Mac computer is simple when you have taken the time to review or even skim the manual. If you misplace the Mac computer manual, there are versions available online through Apple Support.

  2. Time Machine® Feature

    Apple’s Time Machine feature allows you to automatically back up your files, apps, music, photos, documents, email and system files. If you create a backup, you will be able to restore your files directly from the Time Machine. This feature must be enabled. The Time Machine feature backs-up hourly but you must connect your Mac to an external hard drive via USB. Users can use the Time Machine feature, the built-in backup feature of every Mac, to automatically back up files, apps, music, photos, e-mail, documents, and system files.

  3. Allow automatic updates

    Turn on the automatic updates feature so that your system can run most efficiently. When updates are sent to a system via Apple, Inc., there are good reasons for those changes. If you set up the update feature you are ensuring the continuity of functionality of your Mac computer. To get Automatic Updates for apps, be sure to turn on Updates. Any new versions of the apps that you currently use will automatically download when Apple, Inc. makes them available.

  4. Create an iCloud® account

    The concept of “the Cloud” may seem confusing but for Mac computer users, it is one of the most effective features within Apple products. iCloud Backup makes a copy of the information on your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet and/or iPod Touch

    From iCloud, you can easily set up a new device or restore information on one you already have. The iCloud feature can help users:

    • Protect data files and photos

    • Save the Home screen and app organization

    • Save iMessage® and text messages

    • View purchase history

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