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Need to Replace an iPhone Battery? Here's What you Need to Know

It’s not your imagination – your old iPhone® device has gotten slower!

Is your iPhone not performing as well as it used to? Has it been freezing when you need it the most? Have you felt frustrated as a result? Well, if it helps you feel any better, you’re not alone. It’s your battery and many others are feeling the same frustration. iPhone batteries have been in the news over the last few weeks . . . What does it all mean? How does it affect your iPhone device? To keep it simple, Apple Inc.® has confirmed the slowdown is caused by the updates on their older phones. Today’s mobile phones are powered by lithium-ion batteries because they are thin, lightweight, and powerful. Unfortunately, these lithium-ion batteries become less effective as they age which means they no longer hold a charge as well as they used to and your phone, in turn, has a shorter battery life. When the battery fails to provide adequate power, the phone shuts itself off. Of course, there is never really a good time for this to happen because it might mean you missed out on that perfect photo of your kids being silly or you were unable to hear the driving directions to your destination. You might have been on an important business call when your iPhone device decided to shut down so now you’re stuck waiting for it to restart so you can call back and apologize. Apple Inc. addressed the issue of shutdowns in January 2017; they released iOS® 10.2.1, an update to the iPhone operating system which allows the phone to dynamically manage power consumption if the battery is not capable of delivering peak power. The power-saving measures may result in longer app launch times, backlight dimming, and lower speaker volume. These sacrifices are made to reserve full functionality in more vital areas such as cellular connection, camera quality, GPS accuracy, and most importantly, to avoid unexpected shutdowns. The expected lifespan of an iPhone battery is 500 cycles, which typically correlates to about two years of average use. Most iPhone device users would like to hear their phone will last longer than that. Changing the battery will make a big difference in the useful lifespan of your iPhone device. Changing the battery in your iPhone device is best left to experienced technicians; the team at Experimac Winchester is here to help. Bring your device to Experimac Winchester today for a free battery diagnostic and same-day battery replacement. No appointment is necessary and we guarantee you’ll be pleased with our customer service.