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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Apps & Accessories for Mom

Moms do it all! From managing the family's busy schedules to cooking dinner, chaperoning school events and keeping the house tidy on top of working a full-time job, help Mom do it all and make time for herself by giving her the gift of technology and convenience. Smart devices are a perfect start. Not sure what to get for her this Mother's Day? Don't fret! No matter your budget, we have compiled a list of ideas below that won't break the bank, along with apps and accessories that go with them.
  • Does Mom need a laptop?
    Pre-owned MacBook Pro® laptops make fantastic gifts as they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and capabilities at your local Experimac. MacBook Pro laptops offer durability and reliability with a user-friendly display that will help her create and work flawlessly, no matter her age or tech skill level.

  • Does Mom need a phone?
    The smart phone has revolutionized the way we communicate, conduct business and live. Whether FaceTiming® children, shooting a quick text, snapping selfies with the family or answering work emails on the go, smart phones such as the iPhone® device have become a perfect gift for Moms across the country. Experimac offers various pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices.

  • Does Mom need a tablet?
    Not sure whether to give Mom a smart phone or a computer? Consider getting her an iPad® tablet. Tablets are a great alternative device for the user who needs basic computer functions on-the-go. Your local Experimac store has several pre-owned models for you to look at. This may be the perfect solution as its portability will make her life easier.

  • Does Mom have a smart watch?
    Telling time, reading texts, answering calls, or even checking heartrate has never been easier. Devices such as the Apple Watch® can offer the mom on your shopping list the ultimate in convenience and style. Stop by your local Experimac to see the pre-owned models they offer at discounted prices.

  • Does Mom already have a smart phone? Take a look at these accessory ideas!
    The smart phone is quite possibly the most versatile item to accessorize and update. Whether shopping for cases, chargers, speakers, fitness trackers, charging cases, car mounts, selfie-sticks, camera add-ons, charger docks, and screen protectors, the options are endless. Here at Experimac, we've compiled a quick list of some of our favorite smartphone accessories:
    • Chargers
    • Charging Docks
    • Selfie Sticks

  • Does Mom already have a tablet? Take a look at these accessory ideas!
    Like the smartphone, tablets offer a variety of accessories that make great gifts on their own. These accessories include: cases, keyboards, stands, charging docks, screen protectors and speakers.

  • Does Mom already have a computer or laptop?
    If Mom already has a computer, consider sprucing it up for her with any of the many accessories available, such as a new mouse, keyboard, display monitor, or connecting device such as the Apple AirPort® and Apple TV®. Not sure which accessory will fit her needs best? Experimac specializes in pre-owned Apple® computers and devices; visit your local Experimac to speak with the friendly sales staff about accessory options for her specific computer needs.

  • Does Mom need help using her smart device? Take a look at these Mom-friendly Apps:
    • Happy Kids Timer: Help mom get the kids ready in the morning by teaching them morning routines with this helpful app. The free app is designed for the kids to operate themselves and walks them through getting ready each morning from waking up to brushing their teeth and even making the bed.
    • Trekaroo: Search for kid-friendly activities with this free app. Find zoos, museums and kid-friendly restaurants and hotels easily.
    • Ink Cards: Help mom save time by showing her Ink Cards. This free app helps you customize and send cards for any occasion through her phone, so she doesn't need to spend time sending physical cards. She can use this for birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays.
    • Kids Eat Free: There are apps for everything, even finding local restaurants that offer free meals off of the kid's menu, helping any mom save time while eating out.
    • Out of Milk: This app keeps an inventory of your pantry, saves recipes and adds ingredients to your shopping list manually or with a bar code scan. You can get deal alerts or alerts for when you're running low on ingredients. This app even remembers past shopping lists, making grocery shopping less of a burden.
    • Cozi Family Organizer: Help Mom keep the family organized with this free app. Sharing schedules, appointments, events, and grocery lists with the entire family has never been easier. This app helps open communication and instill organization for any family.
If you have any questions about gift ideas for Mom this upcoming Mother's Day, visit an Experimac location near you. Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with gift ideas for Mom without breaking the bank.