Experimax Open For Business – Policy & Procedures to Covid19

Meet Max

Hi! I'm Max. Your personal guide to certified pre-owned technology. What can you expect from your very own know-IT-all? I'm so glad you asked. Here, I'll break down a few of the awesome things I can do to help take your technology game to the Max with Experimax.

Break Down Everything Tech

From composing blogs that explain popular tech subjects to unboxing the latest and greatest tech products, I'll get to the root of it all. Remember, you can always count on me to provide clear, concise, and well-informed evaluations while also indulging in a few laughs along the way. Feel free to tune in on my different channels for an official Max Breakdown ? anytime.

Guide You To The Greatest Gear

I have the hookup when it comes to getting the greatest gear around for the best possible price. Stop by any Experimax location to speak with our friendly Xperts. They will guide you to your next great tech purchase that will include my iron-clad MaxCare Warranty. This will guarantee that the gear you get from Experimax will purr like a kitten for at least two years or your money back.

Answer Your Technology Questions

When you visit the Experimax website, you'll notice a very attractive addition, me! When you arrive, you'll be able to field me your high-tech questions and get prompt answers

I could not be more stoked to be your personal Experimax guru. I know that this is just the start of our beautiful friendship in tech. Remember, you can always rely on me to help you get the gear you need to succeed. So, let me break it down: Me + Experimax + You = Techriffic.