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Manage Your Passwords in the New Year

It’s a new year and organization is on everyone’s mind. Our digital world brings ease, but also confusion and online safety concerns when there’s a password for every device and platform. Managing your passwords doesn’t have to be difficult. Password management apps are designed to help you stay organized, focused, and secure so that accessing your data is the least of your digital worries. Password managers can truly be a sanity saver.

Why do I need a password manager?

The truth is that keeping track of unique usernames and passwords for every website you visit for shopping, banking, medical insurance, credit cards, email, etc. is a lot for anyone. However, if you think about what could go wrong if the wrong person got access to your accounts, it might be worth learning how to use a password manager.

When you ask a lot of people how they remember their passwords, they’ll tell you they use the same thing for every website . . . this could end disastrously. Just think about it - if someone gets a hold of your login information for your email, they could easily access your bank account, medical insurance, etc. There is also the group of people who opt to keep a written list on a piece of paper or in a document saved on their computer. Neither of these is a good idea – what would happen if you lost the paper or if it fell into the wrong hands? What if your document gets erased or the computer gets stolen? Password managers take the guesswork and stress out of the equation. In some cases, you can organize passwords into groups or folders and you can even use the password manager to generate unique passwords for every platform according to criteria you determine.

Consider these apps that will help you manage your passwords in the New Year and beyond:

  • Keeper - Keeper offers unlimited password storage. This app enables users to generate, store, and AutoFill passwords. This app was rated “Best Password Manager” by the editors at PC Magazine. It offers several options for two-step identification, including fingerprint scanners and Keeper DNA.

  • LastPass - This app is like a secure, personal vault and is one of the best-known names in the field. Instead of managing and remembering numerous passwords, simply input your LastPass password and the program will AutoFill logins. LastPass can be used on all devices. It also offers two-factor authentication and free syncing which means that any password you save on one device is automatically available on all other devices.

  • RoboForm - Award-winning RoboForm helps users with passwords by logging into websites automatically. The app allows you to securely share login information with others using RoboForm. Arrange your most-used passwords in an easily accessible list using “Pinned” view and you can also set up two-factor authentication.

If you opt to use a password manager, remember to update your password manager app as needed so that the app operates efficiently and continues to protect your digital information.

If you are interested in setting up a password manager but not sure how to implement this on your iPhone® device or MacBook® laptop, for example, stop by your local Experimax store anytime. Our local Xperts are ready to assist you with these types of tasks and will also make sure your devices are running efficiently. No appointment needed, stop by anytime.