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Considering a MacBook® Laptop or a Mac® Desktop? Pros and Cons to Keep in Mind

The investment in a laptop or computer can be a significant one, and the process of selecting the right Apple® device to invest in can become overwhelming. Understanding what your options are is the first step in the process. We've broken down some pros and cons based on device type for you to consider before taking the leap.

Apple Laptops

Loved by many loyal users, MacBook laptops are the go-to device for students and professionals across countless industries looking for portability and flexibility.


The MacBook is one of Apple's most popular products. Being one of the first laptop models introduced by Apple, the MacBook's specifications fall between those of the higher-end and pricier MacBook Pro® and those of the less expensive, yet less impressive MacBook Air®. The 12-inch MacBook is the most portable, considering its small size, slim build and the fact that it is the lightest model. The MacBook is perfect for professionals on the go who need a sturdy, powerful laptop for a variety of tasks.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has been Apple's higher-end laptop option since 2006 for good reason. Seeing that all MacBook Pro models feature incredible specifications such as state-of-the-art retina displays, powerful speakers and the fastest processors available, it is not surprising that the MacBook Pro is Apple's more expensive line of laptops. Available in multiple sizes, this laptop is perfect for artists and professionals who want the high-resolution retina display for projects, pictures, movies, presentations and more.

MacBook Air

Though Experimac makes owning any Apple product affordable, the MacBook Air is the most affordable and, arguably, the longest-lasting Apple laptop model. The MacBook Air also allots a generous battery life, contributing to a long life overall. Its USB ports make it the perfect Apple laptop to use in group settings, and many find its traditional keyboard more comfortable than the newer flat "butterfly" keyboards found in the latest models of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is the perfect pick for students, due to its sturdiness, lower cost and long battery life.

Apple Desktops

Unlike the above options, the iMac®, Mac Pro® and the Mac Mini® are all desktop devices, meaning that they aren't as suitable for traveling.


The iMac comes in varied sizes and capabilities, most of which are more powerful than the Mac Mini, yet not as powerful as those of the Mac Pro. The entry-level iMac computers offer similar abilities to that of the Mac Mini; if investing in an iMac, it's wiser to go with the higher-end variations. The iMac is the perfect choice for work and gaming.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is the king of all Apple devices. It's motto, "Built for creativity on an epic scale" is very fitting; this computer is a powerhouse. However, when it comes to Apple computers, with great power comes great expense. If you're not running Pro level software such as Final Cut Pro X®, Logic Pro X® or others of that caliber, then the Mac Pro is most likely more machine than you need. If you like the idea of a powerful desktop, consider higher-end iMac models.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a great at-home, general desktop to be used for basic functions such as exploring the Internet or creating basic documents. Though it is not as strong as other Apple desktops, the Mac Mini is a wonderful option for those looking for a very basic yet well-built device. The Mac Mini is a great option for a first Mac® or for anyone who doesn't need a powerful device. You really can't go wrong with any of Apple's products; they're beautifully designed and are powerful machines built to last. However, with so many options, it can be overwhelming picking the proper model. Stop by your local Experimac today to get more information on pre-owned Apple devices and find out which model fits your needs best.