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Is Your iPhone® on a Recall List? Let Experimac Guide You

Apple® Inc. is famous for the reliability and quality of their varied products. However, no company is without faults or errors. In the last year, Apple Inc. has added varied items to their recall list. In efforts to make amends for these errors, Apple Inc. has offered the following four exchange and repair extension programs:

  • iPhone® 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues
  • Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone® 6 Plus
  • Apple® USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program
  • Apple® AC Wall Plug Adapter Recall Program

The most recent program is being offered in response to recent unexpected shutdown issues with the iPhone 6s device. Apple Inc. has discovered that iPhone 6s devices manufactured between September and October of 2015 may unexpectedly shut down, and require a battery replacement.

If you have experienced this issue, your phone may qualify for Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6s device Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues. This past November, Apple Inc. announced that they will replace your phone's battery free of charge should your phone qualify. There are several steps to ensuring your phone qualifies for the Replacement Program, including examinations, data back-up, and contacting Apple Inc., your service provider and technical support.

Not being able to rely on a faulty iPhone 6s device is stressful enough. The highly trained technicians and friendly sales staff at Experimac can easily assist you with the Replacement Program process. Let us guide you every step of the way and get your iPhone 6s device working properly again. Call or stop by your local Experimac store today to see how we can help.