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iPhone® Device Photo Tips for The Holidays – From Greeting Cards to Family Photos

The holidays are right around the corner! Are you getting ready to send out holiday greeting cards to your family and friends? Is your family putting the pressure on because you have not sent a holiday card yet? If you haven't made holiday photo arrangements yet, don't fret! Having a great holiday greeting card doesn't require an expensive photo shoot, photo prints or even having to label and mail out cards.

Make the most of your phone this holiday season and use these iPhone device photo tips on holiday photo taking as well as some of the top apps for turning ordinary photos into holiday photos and greeting cards. These tips and apps are sure to help.

  1. Selfie-Stick
    First and foremost, if your family does not have a selfie stick, invest in one now. They are an inexpensive solution to fitting your entire family in one picture for a great holiday photo and you'll wonder why you didn't buy one sooner. Selfie sticks are common and finding a good but cheap option is relatively easy.
  2. Grid
    Making sure your photo is well balanced is key to making a family selfie look like a professional holiday photo. iPhone devices offer a grid option which is designed to help users maintain balance and make sure that the image is taken from a flattering angle. Go to the camera section of your iPhone device's settings in order to enable the grid.
  3. HDR Auto
    The "High Dynamic Range" setting, also known as HDR Auto, is a feature that enables users to improve lighting for your pictures in dark settings without distorting the image. You can have this set on automatic, or turn it off and select times you want to turn it on. This makes taking a family holiday photo next to a Christmas tree, a menorah or holiday lights easy and aesthetic.
  4. Burst Mode
    Snapping a good family holiday photo means getting a picture where you, the kids and maybe even the pets are all standing still. Give yourself an opportunity to catch a photo with everyone in a good pose by using burst mode. This setting enables your phone to take many photos within a few seconds, catching any slight movement or stillness. You're also likely to get a good laugh from some of the resulting images.
  5. YouCam
    Beautify and optimize your photos with this free app designed to make the most of your selfie. You can make edits or use filters to show off your family.

Holiday Greeting Card Apps

You'll surely want to take a look at these apps for turning your holiday photo into a holiday greeting card.

  1. Ink Card: Holiday Greetings
    This app received high ratings on Apple®'s app store and is a great way of turning your iPhone device or iPad® tablet pictures into festive holiday cards for only $1.99 and they offer free shipping. They have a variety of illustrations, styles and layouts, and you can also add text to your card.
  2. Shutterfly: Photo Gifts and More
    Another highly rated app, Shutterfly, enables you to make holiday cards as well. This app provides unlimited 4x4 or 6x4 prints, making printing holiday cards an easy option no matter how tight of a budget you are on this holiday season. They also offer a large variety of inexpensive photo gifts such as calendars, mason jars, mugs and more so you can get some of your shopping done here as well.
  3. Red Stamp
    Another holiday card app that can be helpful this holiday season is Red Stamp. This app allows you to not only design cards in minutes, but allows you to have them directly shipped to loved ones for $3 including postage! You can also have them emailed, texted, Tweeted or even posted to Facebook and Instagram for loved ones to check out virtually.

If you are having trouble with the camera on your iPhone device or with any of the features, Experimax can help. Bring your phone to your local Experimax store and our highly trained techs will take a look at your camera and all of the settings to make sure you can get that great holiday photo taken.