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Is the iOS 11® Operating System Update Draining Your Battery? Tips You Need to Know.

Perhaps the best feature of Apple® devices is how often the operating system is updated. However, the new iOS 11 operating system update has created an issue for some people – faster battery drain. Research conducted by Wandera found that after applying early updates of the iOS 11 operating system, it took an average of 1 hour and 36 minutes to drain iPhone® device batteries completely. In contrast, after the iOS 10® operating system update, it took an average of 4 hours to drain an iPhone device battery.

Are you frustrated by your iPhone device's fast-draining battery? Extend your battery life with these easy to follow tips:

  1. Screen

A great way of reducing battery drain on your phone is by lowering the brightness of your screen. Dim your background and reduce the amount of power wasted while not using your phone by changing the auto-lock settings to 30 seconds here:

  • Settings > Display & Brightness
  1. Apps

Look at your apps and check to see which ones consume the most battery power. Some apps are programmed to run continuously, draining your battery life. Reconsider which apps you need and don't need, and see if the app gives you battery-saving options. One such option includes location services; apps may request to track your location, save battery power by turning location services off, or at the very least, monitoring which apps are using it:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  1. Email updates

Your email account may be draining your battery life, as the update automatically has your email consistently retrieving new data. Fortunately, you can change this in Settings:

  • Go into Settings > Accounts & Passwords> Fetch New Data
  • Change it to 15-30 minutes
  1. Siri® Feature

While the Siri® feature is fantastic and very popular amongst iPhone device users, you don't need to have her listening at all times. Turn off listening for "Hey Siri" here:

  • Settings > Siri & Search

By simply changing some default settings on your newly updated iPhone device, you can prevent your post iOS 11 operating system phone from losing battery quickly. If you have any other questions about the update or your phone, our highly-trained techs at Experimax are able to help. Stop by your local Experimax store today to see what we can do for your device!