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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from your iOS® Device

Have you ever deleted a file or photo in error? It’s a feeling that is difficult to describe but once you have accidentally deleted a photo from a device, you know you never want to feel that again. If you have hit the delete button impulsively or accidentally, remember that your data is rarely actually gone for good. Try not to panic even though your gut is telling you otherwise. There are ways to undelete photos on your iOS device. If your iPhone® camera is used for work, it is essential that your photo storage is optimal.

3 ways to recover deleted photos

  1. Recently Deleted

    • Photos will remain in your device for 30 days even after they have been deleted.

    • On an iPhone device, select the Photos app.

    • On the bottom bar, select Albums.

    • Scroll through albums to Recently deleted.

    • Select all (or a specific photo) to recover.

    • The photos and videos show the days remaining before permanent deletion. It may take up to 40 days.

  2. Check for photos from iCloud® account backup

    • Automatically adding photos to your iCloud account will help ensure the stability of your photo collection. You must select this option on your phone.

    • From Settings, go to Photos. Simply swipe the bar in iCloud Photos (it will turn green when you have properly selected this function). This will automatically upload and safely store all of your photos and videos in your iCloud account so you can browse, search, and share from any of your devices.

    • Need help backing up your phone? The techs at Experimac are always available and can show you how, free of charge and without an appointment.

  3. Check for photos from iTunes® account backup

    • In theory, your deleted photos will still be in your phone’s backup. This is when adhering to Apple Inc.’s recommendations for backing up your digital media is essential. Follow their advice and don’t avoid their alerts to upgrade your software.

    • Restoring a backup will overwrite any existing content. This means that based on whenever your last backup took place, any new information may not be included in the restore.

    • To restore an iPhone device and your photos, connect your phone to a computer with the USB cable. Launch the iTunes service (if it doesn’t launch automatically). When your device icon appears in your iTunes account, select Restore Backup. The devices will sync and alert you to the process. Read through the pop-up windows carefully.

    • If you’re having trouble backing up your phone or don’t know now, the experts at Experimac are available to help you, free of charge. Stop by anytime.

Remember to keep your device current by downloading updates or scheduling the necessary updates. If you actually intend to delete images permanently from your iOS, you can do so by hitting Delete from the Recently Deleted feature.

Now that you know how to retrieve photos taken with your iPhone device, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading the quality of your pictures. Each new iPhone device release features upgrades to the camera’s hardware and software. Stop by your local Experimac store to browse our selection of certified pre-owned Apple products including iPhone devices, iPad tablets, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of selecting the right Apple product for your needs and budget and will happily provide guidance on photo storage and sharing.