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Need to Reset Your iPhone® Device Without the Passcode? Here's How!

Passcodes are an important security feature on any digital device including your iPhone. But, if you find that you have forgotten the passcode to your iPhone device, after six attempts, you will be locked out of your device. This can be a little nerve-racking.

If you’ve forgotten the passcode to your iPhone device, there’s still a way to reset the device. Of course, once you have reset your iPhone device, any additions or changes you made will be lost.

First, you will need to determine which way to erase your device. Below are two ways to initiate a restart of your iPhone device:

  1. If you have recently backed-up your iPhone device, this will enable you to work through the iTunes® service. Most likely, your data will be saved if you have backed up your device.

    Plug the iPhone device into a Mac® computer and launch the iTunes service. Once in iTunes and synced with your device, select the “Restore iPhone” function, followed by “Restore”. The software update menu will appear and you will need to scroll through the license agreement. Once completed, the iTunes service will begin to download the newest version of the iOS® operating system.

    Since this is a restore of your iPhone device, all of your information will be lost. This means no photos, contacts, messages, downloads, or apps will be saved.

  2. If you haven’t synced with the iTunes service before, you must use “Recovery” mode. This will erase both the passcode and the device’s content. Connect to a laptop and force restart your iPhone device (this will vary depending on model). Your device will prompt an alert which will ask you to Restore or Update. Choose “Restore” and then the iTunes service will download the software to your device. Then, you will be able to use your device without a passcode.

At Experimac, we always recommend that customers use a passcode to protect the data on their devices and computers but we know sometimes people forget their passcodes. Protect your privacy by setting up a passcode that you will remember. If you are having trouble with resetting the passcode on your iPhone device, don’t stress. The experienced techs at Experimac are ready and happy to assist. Find the location closest to you and stop by anytime for a guaranteed great customer service experience.