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Smartphone Screens: How they Work & the Importance of Quality Repairs

Have you ever wondered how your smartphone screen really works? Here is a breakdown of the component parts of screens and the importance of taking your phone to a place, like Experimac, that will perform quality repairs and use quality parts as well as offer a warranty on repairs with options for extended warranties. Fixing a cracked iPhone® screen as soon as possible is extremely important for many reasons. A cracked screen could mean several parts are broken. Because of this, it's important that a cracked screen is fixed right away by a professional and reputable business. Waiting can often mean further damage and thus further expense. How do smartphone screens work? In simple terms:
  1. The display is made up of several parts: the upper glass, the digitizer, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and a bezel.
  2. The upper glass is fused to the digitizer, which is used to interpret finger movements relative to information provided by the LCD.
  3. The upper glass and digitizer are considered one piece and are the first to break in most incidents.
  4. The LCD is located right below. It is located in a precise location so it can synchronize with the digitizer.
Time is of the Essence A cracked screen could mean damage to any combination of the parts listed above, or to any of the countless internal parts that are separate from the screen but still connected. By continuing to use a phone with a cracked screen, you could increase the damage caused to the phone. Many who wait to fix a broken screen experience a bleeding LCD, LCD failure or even a broken digitizer. How could this happen? Every time you press down on a cracked screen when typing and swiping, you risk causing the LCD to break and leak. Having a cracked screen also exposes the internal parts of the phone to dust and moisture, meaning that parts that did not break at the time of the crack, could still get damaged. Experience the Experimac Difference Not every phone repair business is created equally. There is no certification required to operate a cell phone repair shop, meaning that many "repair shops" you see have employees who have never been trained or have no experience. The quality of repair parts can also be compromised, meaning that the "repair" will be short-lived. These faulty businesses will refuse any sort of warranty. Here at Experimac, only highly trained professionals conduct repairs and only quality parts are used. We know how important it is to fix a cracked screen correctly and right away. We will diagnose what is broken quickly, and even offer same day service on most repairs. All of our services are backed with a 90-day warranty, making not fixing your phone the only risk involved.