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Summer Is Heating Up: Great Deals on Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products

Summer is the time of year when we all try to slow down a little and make time to create memories, check out new local spots, get back in shape and hang out with friends and family. Can't decide on which of those you want to accomplish? Do them all! Get the tools you need to have the summer you want by updating your phone, tablet, watch or laptop with some great deals on certified pre-owned Apple products at Experimac. Here are some of Experimac's summer favorites:
  • iPhone 6S Plus® Device

    Our smartphone pick for summer fun is the iPhone 6S Plus device. It does everything you need it to do on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost of the iPhone 8® or the iPhone X®. Check your email, listen to your favorite music while you work out, take some great photos and don't spend more than you have to.
  • Apple Watch® Device

    The Apple Watch device is the perfect summer accessory. First of all, tracking your health and making healthier choices throughout the day has never been easier. Easily track your activity, differentiate between resting or active calories burned and even monitor your heart rate. This summer, there are several new and stylish Apple Watch device bands being released, making the Apple Watch device not only a smart accessory but an incredibly stylish one too. Lastly, this device will make answering phone calls and texts way easier than you ever imagined.
  • iPad® Tablet

    Redefine travel entertainment and invite convenience into your life with the iPad tablet. Easily pre-load movies onto your iPad tablet before taking a flight or heading out on a road trip and use your iPad tablet as a mini movie theater anywhere you go this summer. Completing summer reading assignments has never been easier thanks to the multitude of summer reading apps available in the app store. Complete work tasks from the passenger seat or while sitting by the pool. With the iPad tablet, you don't have to stay indoors strapped to your desk all summer; be productive on the go!
Here at Experimac, we are equipped and ready to help you make this summer one to remember! Buying certified pre-owned devices has never been easier. When you purchase any device, laptop or computer from Experimac, you can rest assured that our certified pre-owned products have been thoroughly checked and are ready to go in your hands. Purchasing from Experimac also means you are able to see the device you are investing in and hold it in your hands before purchasing making the transaction safe and stress-free. Stop by and visit your local Experimac store today to find out more about the products we have in stock to help make your summer a memorable one.