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Giving Your Tech a Second Life

              Have you ever sat down watching tv and every other commercial you see is advertisement for the newest phone, tablet or computer? By just walking through the busy aisle at a mall you see three different competing brands announcing their “newest” innovation. Whenever a new phone, tablet or computer comes out, all the hype is focused on how fast it is, how cool it looks and how it will make your life easier. Which leads to posing the question, what happens 10 months from now when the “latest” gadget is outdated and something “bigger and better” comes into the market?


              9 out of 10 times, when some new gadget comes out into the market place, consumers can’t wait to get their hands on the “new stuff.” Why? Basic psychology, we want the newer things to stay current with trends and brag to our friends. We want that new camera resolution to take better selfies and technology that will allow us to send that picture to all of our friends on social media with just a simple click. The promises for fast and better are our biggest motives to rush into trends and forget we just bought our nice iPhone or our nice Macs about 10 months ago. We justify our urges to be cool with the new tech with unrealistic excuses such as “I’ll be able to work better with this new tech,” or “I need this to make my life easier.” Remember when you said that as you swiped your card at your closest Best Buy or Apple Store?


              What if I told you that you can give your “outdated” technology a second chance? Instead of throwing out your outdated technology or storing it in the back of your drawer, you could help the planet by giving that technology a second chance. Your old phone, tablets and computers can have a second chance. You can sell the technology you don’t want anymore and gain a few bucks for something you were thinking of just storing away. Or you could go to Experimac of Naperville and trade in that outdated gadget for something you like at the store. At Experimac of Naperville, there is a team of knowledgeable consultants who are ready to help you keep your old iPhones, Macs or iPads away from a landfill and into a second life. You’re not only helping the planet but you’re also helping someone else who would like a pre-certified apple product. Visit us today and discover all the endless possibilities your old tech still has!


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