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Get the most out of your relationship with the Siri feature - Our top Tricks, Tips and Hidden Features

The Siri feature is an artificial personal assistant that, thanks to Apple's® iOS® operating systems, is available on various Apple devices. She can make day-to-day tasks easier to organize and complete as well as provide translations and random fun facts. Below, we've listed our top tricks, tips and hidden features for the Siri feature that you may not be aware of.

  1. The Basics
    If you are new to the Siri feature, start by learning basic commands. You can access a list of basic commands by asking her "What can I say?".
  2. Teach the Siri feature pronunciation
    If she happens to mispronounce your name, easily fix it by telling her "that's not how you pronounce it," followed by a correct pronunciation.
  3. Update social media
    Easily update your Twitter or Facebook status by telling the Siri feature to update it for you. Simply either say "Tweet" or "Facebook" followed by the message you wish to post.
  4. Voice
    Did you know that you can make the Siri feature male? Or even change his/her accent? Well, if you want to, go to Settings, Siri and choose.
  5. Assign nicknames or relationships
    You can set up the Siri feature to recognize specific relationships such as husband or wife, brother or sister, father or mother, and so forth. Make texting or calling specific people even easier.
  6. Set up alarms, reminders or appointments on your calendar
    Don't miss another event or forget another important task. Simply ask the Siri feature to create an alarm, reminder or appointment by asking her to.
  7. Google search
    Google searching has never been easier. Just tell her "Google" followed by what you want to know, and she'll find out for you.
  8. Search for notes or emails
    Don't waste time hunting for a note or email ever again. If you ever find yourself in need of finding a specific note or email, easily ask the Siri feature to locate it for you.
  9. Search for photos
    Thanks to the iCloud® service, take and keep hundreds of pictures in our photo album. This can make finding one photo difficult. Instead of browsing, you can ask the Siri feature for a particular photo depending on the time or location the photo was taken.
  10. Sport, stock or movie updates
    Keep track of your favorite sports teams, stock changes or even currently released movies.
  11. Converting Measurements or Currencies
    You can ask the Siri feature to convert a variety of currencies or measurements by simply asking. She can easily convert temperature, cooking measurements, distance, area, speeds, time, weights, decimals, fractions and fluids.
  12. Flip a Coin, Roll the Dice or Pick a Number
    If you and your family or friends are having difficulty making decisions, give the Siri feature the task by asking her to flip a coin, pick a number or even roll dice. The "Pick a Number" feature defaults to 1-100, but you can easily edit this to any specific range.
  13. Playing or even identifying songs
    At this point, you're probably not shocked that the Siri feature can play songs you request her to. However, if you've ever heard a new song and don't know the title, she can figure it out.
  14. Punctuate messages

Just because the Siri feature is typing the message for you, doesn't mean you can't punctuate properly.

Having trouble with the Siri feature or need an in-person demonstration? Experience the Experimax difference and stop by your local Experimax, we'll be happy to help you figure out the Siri feature or anything else related to your Apple devices that you may need assistance with.