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Finding Your Lost or Stolen iPhone® Device with the Find My® App

Do you remember that panicked feeling you had the last time you could not locate your iPhone device? Being without our iPhone device can make us feel lost or as if something is missing. We are truly dependent on these devices and to be honest, they are pricey gadgets so it is understandable that we panic when they are misplaced. 

Finding your lost or stolen iPhone device used to be tricky but thanks to some nifty tools, we are now able to navigate our way out of that stressful and frightening situation. With the release of iOS 13® operating system, there was a change made to combine the Find My iPhone® feature and Find My Friends® feature into one app. You’ll be able to locate friends and family members, share your location with others, allow others to share their location and find your missing devices easily with one app.

Got an Apple Watch® Device?

Have you ever been running around the house searching for your iPhone device, wishing there was a button you could press that would force it to just start beeping? Well, if you have an Apple Watch device, that feature is in place. Simply swipe up on the Apple Watch screen and click the icon that looks like your phone. If you are in proximity, your iPhone device will start beeping and will alert you of its location. Now, if only they would have that for the TV remote too! 

Find My App

The Find My app is a free app available for downloading from the App Store in order to provide the location of your Apple® devices and allow different remote actions, such as seeing where all your Apple devices are, make your devices emit a sound, set your devices into a “lost mode” locking your device or even remotely erasing a lost device. This feature must already be installed on your device before it is lost or stolen so take a few moments and get this set up.

Set Up Your iPhone Device with the Find My App

You need to start by turning on Location Services following these steps:

  1. Use your Apple ID to sign in on your device
  2. Open the Settings app, scroll down to select Privacy
  3. Choose Location Services and turn it on

Then, you’ll need to turn on Share My Location following these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app and choose your name
  2. Select Find My
  3. Find Share My Location and turn it on

Next, remember to turn on the Find My app or this will not work as you expect it to.

  1. Open the Settings app and choose your name
  2. Select Find My, then choose Find My (specific device) and turn on Find My (specific device)
  3. Turn on Enable Offline Finding if you want to see your device even if it’s offline

If your iPhone device is lost and you are sure that it’s nowhere that you can recover it, we recommend marking the device as stolen with your cell provider and on the Apple, Inc.® website by logging in with your Apple ID. 

Did you happen to lose a phone recently? It’s pretty scary, right? If you need assistance setting up the Find My iPhone feature on your Apple device, stop by your local Experimax store and your team of local techs will gladly assist you.