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Fantasy Football: Our Top 5 Favorite Apps

Who's ready for football season to start? With the arrival of fall and the football season, comes fantasy football – which, to be honest, is the real reason to be excited. This year, you won't need the biggest grill, a high definition television, or season tickets to enjoy the football season . . . just a few app downloads! Get your favorite smart device ready for kickoff and start the upcoming football season right by learning more about the game and creating a winning fantasy football team with these 5 apps!
  1. NFL Fantasy Football App – FREE!

This app is a must-have for any first-time fantasy football participants. Draft players live in-app, pick your starting lineup or let the Optimize Lineup feature do all of the work for you! Watch team highlights so you'll never miss a play and keep up-to-date on official stats, news, and updates delivered straight from NFL experts!
  1. ESPN Fantasy Sports – FREE!

While it lacks some of the special tools and functions that other fantasy football apps have, this app sports a clean look and is easy to use. This app is somewhat like the app listed above, but unlike the NFL app, this app allows you to create fantasy football as well as baseball, basketball, or hockey leagues. This means you can still draft your team, edit your lineup, add players and even make trades when the football season is over.
  1. RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2018 – $5

Looking for more sophistication? RotoWire provides high-quality tools and functions that other apps just don't have. With this app, you can input your league's roster and score settings, then RotoWire will create a ranked "cheat sheet" made up of athlete performance projections. This means you can run mock drafts, set draft priorities, view detailed projections, and have detailed statistics and projections throughout the season. Take your league to the next level with this app.
  1. Fantasy Football Draft Wizard – FREE along with in-app purchases

This app is the ultimate guide to drafting the dream team. Users can create customized cheat sheets and custom mock drafts as well as take a look at expert advice and analysis on player picks and drafting tactics.
  1. DraftKings – FREE along with in-app purchases

Can't get enough of fantasy football? Then don't limit yourself to just your team! DraftKings allows users to participate in varied daily fantasy sports leagues. You can opt to join free leagues or private leagues, or even in paid entries where high scorers have a shot at winning cash! Like ESPN Fantasy Sports, DraftKings isn't limited to just football, making it great entertainment all year long! Are you a real fantasy football fan but having trouble with downloading apps to your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet? Or is a cracked screen making it difficult to get your roster set? Experimac is here to help! No appointment necessary. No hassle. Same day service. Stop by your local Experimac store today and we'll get you and your devices ready for football season.