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Experimac's 15 Holiday Apps

The holidays truly are the best time of the year! Did you know that there are apps designed specifically for the holidays? Whether you are looking for recipes, organization, music or just some holiday fun, we've created a list of 15 free apps that will improve how you celebrate and prepare for this year's festivities. Here is our list of the best 15 holiday apps:
  1. Light My Fire: A Hanukkah App Now, you can celebrate Hanukkah no matter where you are. This app allows you to choose your own Hanukkah lamp from the world-renowned collection of New York's Jewish Museum. Then, you'll select a background to place it on, light the lamp and share it with family and friends. This makes it easier for those who are traveling during this hectic time of year.

  2. Pandora Radio Don't wait around in hopes of catching your favorite holiday songs on the radio, download Pandora Radio and add any of your favorite artists or genres, including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa music. You can even create a station based around a specific song or artist. It's free and easy to use year-round!

  3. A Call from Santa! Phone Call & Voicemail of Santa Claus Call Santa from your iPhone® device this holiday season with this awesome app! Santa can call your children and praise or discipline them. You can schedule calls with Santa for varied times and for varied specific reasons. This is a creative way to bring the magic of the North Pole into your annual holiday routine.

  4. GiftPlanner This app will help you organize, budget and find gifts for everyone on your shopping list for the holidays, birthdays and other events all year long. You can add as many people as you want. Once you add someone, you can assign interests and track gift ideas. Each gift idea you assign is a separate page and you can add information about the gift including the price, pictures of the gift, Safari bookmarks of where to find it and you can even scan the gift's barcode using your device's camera to quickly fill in gift info. This app will total the prices of your gifts helping you keep control of your budget. You can even protect your secret gift data with a passcode or with Touch ID.

  5. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks Have a thousand things going on? Holiday shopping, flights to book, dry cleaning to pick up, holiday show costumes for your kids, cookies to bake for your son's class, your daughter needs a haircut, the house needs to be cleaned, etc. To-do lists are pointless if you lose the sheet of paper it's written on. Keep your to-do list where it's safe – on your phone, tablet and computer. With Wunderlist, you can instantly sync between all of your devices so you can access your lists no matter where you are. You can also easily share your lists, reminders and due dates with loved ones.

  6. Elf Yourself This app has become an annual favorite for millions! Started by Office Depot, Elf Yourself allows you to "elf" yourself, your friends, co-workers or family members and star in a personalized music video. Start your own Elf Yourself video by uploading pictures of you and your loved ones, select a dance theme and the app will create a customized Elf Yourself video. Share it with others via Facebook or email, and spread the holiday cheer in a fun and "elf" way!

  7. BigOven This app makes cooking a breeze. Seasonal recipes are posted on the home page for your convenience, in addition to a library of hundreds of recipes, as well as the option to create grocery lists based on the recipes you'd like to make. You can even add pictures of your own recipes. Thinking of having a potluck? There is a social feature that allows you to check out what your friends and family are making! All in all, this is a great resource for cooking throughout the holidays and even all year-round.

  8. Christmas Countdown! There are several Christmas Countdown apps, however "Christmas Countdown!" is our pick due to its great reviews and its ability to countdown to Christmas in "heartbeats". This app will help you celebrate the countdown to Christmas with its cute characters, winter-themes and Christmas music.

  9. Merry Christmas Photo Editor This app is a great option for creating holiday pictures without the hassle. Edit your photos with Santa hats, festive frames and even snowy backdrops. This makes sharing photos with loved ones even more fun!

  10. 123 Color: Hanukkah Coloring Book This app is a lot of fun for children and adults alike. It's an educational app but they'll be having so much fun, they may not even notice they're also learning. It now features numbers, letters and colors spoken in 12 languages and dialects.

  11. Cookie Maker for Christmas Holiday 2016 Have fun baking digital cookies with your family this holiday season with the easy-to-use Cookie Maker for Christmas Holiday 2016 app for your Apple® device. From mixing the batter, to choosing cookie cutter shapes, to decorating, this app simulates baking cookies. No mess, only fun!

  12. Pinterest Pinerest is a fantastic app for any season, special event or even for daily tasks. On this app, people post pictures and ideas for a multitude of things: anything from baking recipes, holiday crafts, fashion ideas for holiday parties or even home decorating for the holidays. Whether you need help finding the perfect Christmas dinner menu, gift ideas, or crafts to make with the kids, Pinterest offers thousands of ideas and how-tos.

  13. Toys R Us Not sure what the hottest toys are this season? No need to fear or even stop by a busy toy store. Toys R Us has an app, and you can do anything on there from perusing through toys, creating a wish list, or even making purchases. This app also has the barcode scanner feature, making saving gift information quick and easy. The weekly ad and sales are even posted, helping you to save big bucks this holiday season.

  14. Letters to Santa Claus Free This app is pretty self-explanatory: you and your children can write letters to Santa using this app, and within an hour, he will write back! You can send as many letters as you want and you can even send mittens, cookies or bells as small gifts for Santa. None of Santa's letters back will make any promises, so rest assured this won't make your Christmas season any more strenuous than it should be!

  15. Amazon We saved the best for last on this list. Amazon has got to be the best way to shop for all of your loved ones this year. With Amazon Prime and Prime Now becoming widely available, you can get your gifts quickly without expensive shipping fees. Amazon has a feature called a "Wish List" that can be shared amongst friends and family members, making it easy for everyone to know what gifts to get. Amazon makes returns easy and everything can be done through their app.
Remember, don't stress this holiday season! Embrace Experimac's 15 holiday apps and make your holiday living and gift-giving that much more enjoyable.