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Love Music? So Do We! – Experimac's Favorite Music Apps

For those with a long commute or for those who love to work out, music is often the most motivating part of the commute or workout session. Whether your playlist includes The Beatles, Rihanna or Keith Urban, listening to your favorite artists can help you relax, focus and get your blood pumping. Check out these free music apps we love. They will make it easy for you to listen to the artists you love, discover new music, identify songs, and even find radio stations near you.
  • iTunes – Media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management app – iTunes does it all. Through the iTunes Store, you can buy and download music, music videos, audio books, podcasts, and even TV shows, ringtones, and movies. Play, download and organize your favorite music using their user-friendly interface.

  • Pandora – A free music app that streams songs for you to listen to. You enter your favorite artist's name and Pandora will play songs by them and other similar artists they recommend. You rate the songs and bookmark your favorite artists.

  • Spotify – On Spotify, you can follow artists and sync music from your desktop. You can create a station so Spotify will play songs similar to your original music selection. You can also find music by viewing top lists and new releases or searching for playlists and favorite artists and albums. Add your favorite songs to a music library and play them again later. Want to know when your favorite artists are releasing new albums? Set up a push notification for that.

  • Shazam – If you haven't used Shazam, you have to try it out! The app listens to a song and then tells you the name of the song and the artist. Then, you can share the song, watch a music video on YouTube, play it on Spotify, find tour info, create a Pandora station based on that artist and more.

  • iHeartRadio – Are you looking for a radio app for your mobile device? iHeartRadio will do that. It supports tons of devices, has zero commercials and can find radio stations near you. You can create your own music stations based on your favorite songs, search for stations, listen to podcasts, save favorite stations as presets, set as an alarm clock, view lyrics as you listen, read a bio of the artist and much, much more.

  • Amazon Music – You can load up to 250 of your own songs to your Amazon account so you have access to them from a mobile device. You can download your music offline, allowing you to listen to the music from the app even without an Internet connection. Organize playlists, add existing playlists from your device. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you get an ad-free experience and unlimited access to millions of song selections.
If you can't imagine getting through your day without your favorite music, you have to check out these free apps. Having trouble with your headphones or downloading the apps on your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet? Stop by your local Experimac today and we'll run a diagnostic check to make sure everything is working properly so you don't have to suffer through the day without your favorite music to keep you going.