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The Value of Your Apple® Devices for Sale or Trade

Have you ever upgraded your phone, tablet or laptop? What did you do with your older model device? If you have thought about selling it but wondered, "How much is my old Apple device worth?". Well, the short answer, it depends. There are a lot of factors we consider when evaluating the value of the devices you have for sale or trade.

What You Need to Know

There are many components that go into the value of an Apple device for sale or trade, including the general health or condition of the device, the type and model of the device, as well as the demand for the device.

Health or Condition of the Device

Though they are sturdy, Apple devices are still vulnerable to everyday risks such as dust, water damage and cracks. These potential damages go beyond the device's screen. Damaged parts can include the charge port, volume controls, the accelerometer, the Wi-Fi antenna and even the screen backlight. Checking for internal damages is complicated, and many of these damages are left unnoticed by device owners. It isn't until the device is properly examined by a trained technician that damages can come to light. Many mail-in services like Gazelle and SellYourMac claim to pay a certain amount over the web. However, many times their original quotes may change based on the "actual condition" of the device once it is received. Don't be left unsure of what your device is worth, bringing your Apple device in for a thorough inspection at Experimac is your best bet for getting an offer for what your device is worth.

Type of Device and Model

Some devices are easier to sell pre-owned than others, making them easier to trade in. Thankfully, Apple devices tend to re-sell easier than other models made by other manufacturers as they are popular devices and hold their value very well. Newer models can also be easier to trade in than older models as they tend to have less wear-and-tear and are easier to market.


Devices vary by many specifications according to their model, year and size. Some devices can have a larger demand on the pre-owned market for varied reasons, many that might surprise you. It's safe to never assume your phone may not be worth much. You may find that your device is worth quite a lot due to local demand. People are often in search of the same model they have because it's what they are already familiar with. Again, services like Gazelle and SellYourMac may provide an initial quote. However, there are many incidents that can occur while your device is being shipped, making this form of trade-in a rather risky venture. With Experimac, there's no guessing. There's no room for errors, shipping damages or even having to wait. Drop by your local Experimac location today to see what your Apple® device is worth.