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Errors to Avoid When Doing Computer Upgrades

Rather than paying for professional computer upgrades, many users try to do them alone. Unfortunately, you can do more harm than good when performing DIY maintenance. If you plan on tackling your next computer upgrades, it’s useful to know some common mistakes so you can take the proper steps to avoid them.

Errors to Avoid When Doing Computer Upgrades

1. Buying the Wrong RAM

Because every computer is different, the random access memory (RAM) you buy needs to be compatible with your system to work properly. Always check the requirements beforehand. Since RAM needs specific pin configurations and speeds to function, doing a bit of research will avoid confusion. 

2. Failing to Upgrade the Power Supply 


Many people forget to invest in a new power supply when making upgrades to their machine; this can result in more costly repairs. When installing new components, verify your current power supply produces an adequate amount of juice to run smoothly. If it doesn’t, your machine may experience reduced performance and system failure. 

3. Using the Wrong Screws for the Hard Drive 

Switching out your laptop or desktop’s hard drive is one of the easier upgrades to perform, but use the right screws for the job. The hard drive is held in place by a case, and the screws used for the case are slightly different in size than the hard drive screws. Don’t mix them up because the wrong screws can strip the holes on the drive, making it difficult to remove again. 

4. Installing CPU 

Installing a new central processing unit (CPU) is one of the most complicated computer upgrades to undertake on your own because it involves several aspects. First, you’ll need to ensure the CPU’s pins are undamaged and mounted properly to your computer. You’ll also need to check that your computer’s heat sink can provide adequate cooling for your new processor. For this reason, many prefer bringing their machine to a repair technician familiar with these upgrades.


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