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Diagnosing/Preventing Charging Port Issues for iPhone

Usually the first sign for most people of charging port issues is that the port itself does not work at all and does not accept charge from a cable. But within this guide I’ll explain a few warning signs of charging port failure as well as tips for keeping your charging port in working order.

The first thing to know is that charging port failure and battery failure can be very easily misdiagnosed  as they have almost exact symptoms in which they fail. For instance the battery isnt charging or is draining quickly, most would think that the issue is the battery itself but if the charging port is not delivering the right amount of energy to sustain the battery the OS of the phone will think it is fully charged, but in reality the battery is at 1/3rd the charge.

Well how can I tell if my charging port is bad? Well like the first paragraph a fast draining battery could mean problems. Another sure fire way to know if your charging port is failing or beginning to fail is a loose connection when inserting your charging cable in to the phone, if there is any wiggle room chances are the port is failing or has already failed. So the keep your charging port in working order it is important to make sure that regular cleaning of the port takes place, this can be achieved with a new toothbrush and compressed air. Take the toothbrush and gently scrub the inside of the charging port to loosen up any dirt or dust, Then take the compressed air and blow out any loosened dirt or dust . Repeat if desired.

All in all even with maintenence the charging port can still fail eventually, If that does happen the only way to remedy the problem would be to completly replace the charging port which involves taking most of the phone apart , but myself and the other techs here at Experimac of Naperville are more than equipped to replace that troublesome charging port for you.