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Meet the old phone, same as the new phone

Mastering Your Mac® Computer: Shortcuts and Tips

How to Optimize Your MacBook Pro® Laptop

The Best Accessories to Bundle with Your Certified Pre-Owned Mac? Computer

When you purchase your certified pre-owned Mac computer from Experimax, check out some of the available accessories to go along with your system. Apple products are designed to increase the user?s productivity, functionality, and entertainment but having the right accessories is a part of that.

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Want to Speed Up your Mac® Computer? Here's What Does and Doesn't Work

Working with a slow computer can be frustrating. Installed software taking a long time to load or websites not loading correctly can be signs of failing hardware, an outdated operating system, or a poor Internet connection. We?ve explored some of the common reasons users think their computer is...

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Does Your Mac® Computer Need an Antivirus?

Viruses and security flaws are rarely associated with Mac® computers. Apple® products are known to be optimal when it comes to cyber security and as a result, most Mac computer users spend a lot of time considering their purchase and evaluating the pros and cons of investing in such a...

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Adding RAM to Your Mac® Computer or MacBook® Laptop: What You Need to Know

Do you know one of the most common reasons a computer might be running slower than expected? Bad RAM or not enough RAM. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a hardware device that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. Unlike a CD or hard drive, RAM is accessed randomly instead of...

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