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Breaking Down The Best Mac® Keyboard Shortcuts

Breaking Down The Best Mac® Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi! I'm Max, welcome to my blog. Today I'll be covering how you can put valuable time back in your busy schedule with some of the best ?Mac® keyboard shortcuts of 2021.? Are your fingertips tingling? Mine are! Let's hit it.

A Word On Memorizing Mac® Shortcuts

An easy way to start learning and remembering the majority of the shortcuts you'll see today is to use the letter associated with the command, like command + Q = quit, for example. You can also copy and print the upcoming list, so you will have it on hand while you apply the shortcuts to memory.

Without Further A Due

The top Mac® shortcuts listed below are considered essential by Mac® pros everywhere. Use them to help you shave valuable time off your daily tasks and improve workflow in 2021:

Key Combination What It Does
Command + A Select All
Command + C Copy
Command + V Paste
Command + X Cut
Command + S Save
Command + Q Quit
Command + N New
Command + Z Undo/Redo
Command + M Minimize Window
Command + W Close Window
Command + P Print
Command + F Find
Command + B Bold
Command + A Italicize
Control + A Underline
Control + B Move to the beginning of the line
Control + D Delete the character in front of the cursor
Control + E Move to the end of the line/paragraph
Control + F Move one character forward
Control + H Delete a character behind the cursor
Control + N Move down one line
Command + Space Copy
Command + Shift + 4 Copy
Command + Control + D Copy
Command + Control + Power Copy
Command + Shift + Delete Copy
Command + Comma Copy
Command + Shift + F1/F2 Copy

Believe IT or not, this is just the short list of the amazing shortcuts that you can use to take your Mac® game to the next level. If you're looking to upgrade your gear along with your knowledge of how to use it, stop by your local Experimax. Our deep inventory of certified pre-owned technology and always-friendly technicians will be waiting to greet you. I'll see you there. Until next time!