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Father's Day Gift Guide: The Gift He Really Wants

Not sure what to get Dad for Father's Day this year? No worries! Smart devices and other tech gifts are a perfect start. Help him stay on top of his emails, work tasks and more importantly, the things he enjoys – movies, sports, vacation planning, etc. Here at Experimac, we have compiled a list of certified pre-owned Father's Day gift ideas that won't break the bank, along with accessories that go with them.
  • iPhone® Devices

    The iPhone device has revolutionized the way we communicate. Is it time to get Dad an upgrade? Whether FaceTiming® children while on business trips, shooting a quick text, snapping selfies with the family or answering emails on the go, the iPhone device has become a perfect gift for dads across the country. Experimac offers various certified pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices. We also sell waterproof pouches, Bluetooth headset and other accessories Dad may find useful.
  • iPad® Tablets

    Not sure whether to get Dad a smart phone or a computer? Consider getting him a certified pre-owned iPad tablet from Experimac. Tablets are a great alternative device for the user who needs basic computer functions on-the-go. From watching movies to reading magazines, help Dad access all the hobbies he loves with this powerful smart tool. Your local Experimac store has several certified pre-owned iPad tablet models for you to look at as well as accessories including cases and extra power adapters.
  • MacBook Pro® Laptop

    Is your father more of a computer-lover? MacBook Pro® laptops make fantastic gifts as they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and abilities at your local Experimac. MacBook Pro® laptops offer durability and reliability with a user-friendly display that will help him create and work flawlessly, no matter his age or tech skill level. Our certified pre-owned inventory is quite impressive and we'll help you narrow down the options and make the right laptop choice for your dad. Keep in mind that there are also accessories available at Experimac to help Dad work more comfortably and efficiently. How about a wireless mouse, a USB hub or new headphones?
  • Accessories are always a great gift!

    Because we know not every Dad needs an upgrade or newer piece of tech, how about some accessories to pair with those devices he already uses. Has his phone or tablet case seen better days? Or better yet, has he removed the case completely because he didn't like the one he had purchased? Cases help to protect our phones and tablets from the elements and are a wise investment. Extra phone or tablet chargers for his car, office or to keep in his travel bag are always a hit because they can really save the day. How about another charger for his laptop? That might also come in really handy. Headphones, portable battery packs and other great accessories are available at your local Experimac.
If you have any questions about gift ideas for Dad this upcoming Father's Day, visit an Experimac location near you. Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with any questions you may have. Call us today or stop by the Experimac location closest to you and find the perfect gift for him without breaking the bank.