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Back to School Tech at Experimax

School is just around the corner and so are research papers, note-taking and hectic schedules. Make sure the busy student(s) in your life are ready this school year by supplying them with the tech they need to succeed. No matter how much you have to spend, we have broken down your best options for certified pre-owned Apple® devices and accessories from laptops and desktops to tablets, phones and more. Let's make it a great school year!!

  • Smartphones The smartphone has revolutionized the way we communicate, organize busy schedules and live. Whether you are using FaceTime® to keep in touch with classmates or family, sending a quick text, snapping selfies with friends or answering emails on the go, smartphones such as the iPhone® device have become a necessary tool for students. Experimax offers various certified pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices.
  • Computers and Laptops MacBook® laptops are perfect for students. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles and functionality at your local Experimax. The MacBook Air® laptop is a great solution for today's students. It is sleek, light-weight and perfect for studying on the go. MacBook Pro® laptops offer durability and reliability with a beautiful display that can help any student study and work flawlessly, no matter the user's age or technical skill level. There are also great desktop options available for those looking for a Mac Pro®, Mac mini® or iMac® computer for the students in your family. When you purchase a certified pre-owned Apple® laptop or desktop from Experimax, you are purchasing a machine you can count on.
  • Tablets Tablets are a great alternative device for the user who needs basic computer functions on-the-go. There are many new school apps and textbook collections designed specifically for the iPad® device, making an investment in one a great choice. Your local Experimax store has several certified pre-owned models for you to test out.
  • Accessories There are other ways of sprucing up for the new school year that don't require making a big purchase like a computer, laptop or smart device. Take a look at these accessories that can make any device sharper and more functional for the new school year:
    • Charging docks: If your student has multiple devices, help them organize and take care of their devices by getting them a charging dock designed to hold, charge and organize their many smart devices and chargers. It will make grabbing what they need easy as they run out the door.
    • Power banks: A long day at school, soccer practices, rehearsals and other events can make any student's phone die quickly throughout the day. Make sure their phone has the battery life it needs by investing in an easy to carry power bank.
    • Cases: Protect iPhone devices and iPad tablets with a case made to withstand dropping and water exposure.
    • Smart device stands: Make reading online articles on any tablet or phone easier with a lightweight stand.
    • Wireless keyboard or mouse: Studying-on-the-go is made easier by connecting a wireless keyboard or mouse to your existing tablet or laptop.

If you have any questions about how to help your student with back to school tech options, visit an Experimax location near you. Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with great and practical gift ideas for them. Call us today or stop by the Experimax location closest to you and find the perfect tech solution, without breaking the bank. Product selection and availability varies by store.