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Make Back to School Easy for Your Student with Our Favorite Apps

In some areas, school started a month ago but in others, students have just gone back to school. The start of the school year means recalibrating students’ brains and study habits.

To help re-center your student, utilize the iPad® tablet for content that is not only entertaining but educational and thoughtful. We have found 4 apps that are worth considering; the apps listed below are effective for students of all ages, across a variety of educational disciplines. These apps are all free, but there may be options to upgrade to a paid version of the app.

  1. Photomath: Scan. Solve. Learn.

    Photomath is backed by a team of veteran math educators and a global community of math teachers. This app helps users learn how to properly solve mathematics problems. Students and families can scan their homework assignment and the Photomath app breaks down math problems into “simple, easy-to-understand steps” with a scientific calculator.

    The bonus to this app is that the content is available without a Wi-Fi connection so if students are away from the Internet, they can still utilize the functions of Photomath. Appropriate for all educational levels.

    Some of the math topics included:

    • Basic math and pre-algebra (i.e., arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors)

    • Algebra (i.e., linear equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials)

    • Trigonometry/Precalculus (i.e., conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers and more)

    • Calculus (i.e., limits, curve sketching)

    • Statistics (i.e., factorials, combinations)

  2. ABCmouse.com

    Schools and teachers often recommend this app and website dedicated to reading and math assistance for students aged two-eight. ABCmouse.com has won awards for their learning program content. The material is created by teachers and education experts and features 10,000 learning activities. Activities include:

    • Books

    • Videos

    • Puzzle

    • Songs

    • Games

    • Printable activities

    • Animations

    The standards-based curriculum has been used in over 70,000 classrooms across the US and is available at “nearly half of all US public libraries.” Topics covered include:

    • Reading

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Art

    • Music

    • Math

    Additionally, there are 900+ books available in Spanish. There’s also a feature to track and monitor a student’s progress.

  3. Quizlet

    If studying is a challenge for your student, consider the Quizlet app. This app helps users study with flashcards. The flashcards can be created by the user or the user can utilize flashcards created by other students. Subjects include:

    • Math

    • History

    • Science

    • Coding

    • Foreign languages

    • Math

    Quizlet features a “Race Against the Clock” game and a memory-building activity called “Write.” Learn with games and study millions of “Study Sets.”

  4. Visual Anatomy Lite

    For students learning about the human body, this app is an interactive learning experience. Visual Anatomy Lite features 3D rotational models and Gray’s anatomy images. Visual Anatomy Lite is geared towards students and medical professionals who may need a quick refresher. Additionally, this app could benefit physicians and other medical professionals by enabling them to show visual representations to patients.

    Features include:

    • Quiz mode

    • Tap and pinch-zoom

    • Rotational models

    • Audio pronunciations

    • Muscle highlighting tool

    Topics include:

    • Organ 3D visuals

    • Muscular system

    • Skeletal system

    • Skull

    • Circulation system

    • Respiratory system

    • Digestive system

    • Urinary system

    • Reproductive systems

    • Nasal cavity

As the school year progresses, remember that the iPad tablet can be a handy tool for students, families, and teachers. Students may feel more supported and confident when they can take advantage of these free educational apps that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.

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