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Atlanta iPhone Repair Options

iPhone Repair in Atlanta

iPhones are great devices to have, but they tend to break. A person may accidentally drop the phone and find the screen has shattered, or they may let it fall into water only to find it is ruined. The first issue is fairly easy to fix, but the second one may require the purchase of a new phone. The problem is the average user can't fix an iPhone, as it contains a capacitive touch screen. Outside help is needed. Thankfully, if the screen needs to be replaced, consumers find they have options when it comes to iPhone repair in Atlanta.

Using Insurance or Upgrading

Some individuals head to the Apple store when they are in need of iPhone repair in Atlanta. This may be the smart move for those who chose to purchase the AppleCare insurance plan, as they receive a discount on this service. Individuals who don't have insurance on the phone, however, may find it cheaper to upgrade to a new device, depending on the plan and carrier they use. Going this route ensures the warranty on the phone remains in force, so it's definitely one option to consider even for those who opted to skip the AppleCare insurance plan.

Local Repair Store

Others look for a local company to fix the screen on their iPhone. Doing so tends to be cheaper than going to the Apple store, and companies offering this service are abundant. In fact, a person may drop their phone off at the local mall, do some shopping, and come back to find their phone is ready to go. In addition, some companies now offer mobile Atlanta iPhone repair where they come to the consumer's home or office to replace the screen. The cost for repairing the screen varies based on the type of device owned. Older iPhone replacement screens typically cost less to replace, while the new iPhone 6 models can run $200. Some companies offer a mail-in service as well for those who don't have a local repair shop.

Repair Yourself

A person may wish to try to replace the screen without outside assistance. Doing it this way can save a great deal of money, but it's not an easy task. Unless the person has very detailed instructions and understands exactly what needs to be done, he or she may end up with a replacement screen they can’t use and nothing to show for the money they spent. Individuals in this situation often spend more than they had to in order to get the phone up and running again.

Consider all options if you break the screen on your iPhone. Unless you work with devices of this type every week, you'll want to obtain outside help. An iPhone is a great device, but only when it works properly. Don't hesitate to explore all options so you can have your device up and running again in a short period of time