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Apple Products for Sandy Springs Schools

The way students learn has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The advent of computers and interactive technology have changed the way people react and retain information- 50 minute lectures are no longer effective- information must be interactive in order to be absorbed.

I've seen this first hand, both in my professional life as well as in my personal life. As a technology conference manager, we began to recognize this fact in the mid 2000s and adjusted our events to “un-conferences” and hands-on workshops. In some cases, the presentations would be sent to attendees in advance of the actual conference session, and the session itself would be used to discuss and/or implement the concepts of presentation materials.

As a parent, I watched how my own child learned. He despised sitting down to read a book and was bored to tears by teacher lectures, which would cause him to act out in class. But…. Put the lesson on an iPad and suddenly retention, participation, and even DESIRE to do homework rose by leaps and bounds!

Sandy Spring Schools & Apple Products

Apple is incredibly prevalent in schools. Consider these schools in the North Metro Atlanta area:

Holy Innocents Episcopal School

All fifth- through 12th-graders at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Sandy Springs were issued Apple MacBook Airs, and first- through fourth-graders have access to iPad carts. Students use technology to produce their own news shows and online magazine.

Atlanta Girls’ School

Recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, the school provides a laptop for every student. The sixth grade students use iPads and seventh through 12th grade use MacBook Pro laptop computers.

Galloway School

Has a 1:4 computer-to-student ratio and has budgeted more than $200,000 for technology. They are looking to implement a one-to-one program to put MacBooks in the hands of all students grades 5- 1, while all middle school students will have MacBook Airs to work from
 Pace Academy: Teachers have a choice of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, and new iPads are planned. 25% of computers on campus are renewed each year.

Westminster Schools

Implemented a 1:1 laptop program with MacBook Air laptops in third through 12th grades, and, pre-first through second grade went one-to-one with iPads.

Brandon Hall in Sandy Springs

Also an Apple in Education school where all students are required to have a MacBook for their classes.

Why are Macs so prevalent?

Sustainability, efficiency, reliability and usability are key business factors of course. Now add in the fact that kids are already generally proficient with them, and if not they rapidly become so, it is obvious that Macs are a perfect match for students and education. Apple products are not disposable- they are designed to last.

A MacBook bought for a freshman in high school will still be a viable tool for that student as they work through college, and in many instances can be handed down to a younger sibling beginning their middle or high school career.

Where does Experimac Sandy Springs fit into all this?

In some of the instances above, the laptops/ iPads are part of the school tuition, but in other cases it is up to the parents to provide them. And a brand new MacBook or iPad can be quite an expensive investment for a family to make. Pre-owned is an excellent alternative!

A brand new MacBook begins at $1299, while we can provide a MacBook that will more than suit a student’s needs for less than $500.00. For Desktop computers, Apple’s entry level iMac starts at $1099. We offer slightly older, more powerful iMacs beginning at $499!

And, of course, we are all aware that kids can be rough on their devices. Broken screens on iPhones and iPads are the most common complaint about mobile devices, and laptop computers are treated only slightly better. In many instances, we can provide same day turn around on repairing your Apple device!

Come and visit us today, and let’s get your students new school year off on the right foot!