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Apple® Devices as Complete POS Systems

In the recent past, a point-of-sale (POS) system for completing customer transactions required retail, restaurant and other business owners to invest in either traditional or PC-based POS equipment. At minimum, this equipment includes cash registers, bar code scanners, payment terminals, touch screens, paper records and printers, and could cost thousands of dollars in upfront fees with continued fees for licensing, maintenance, and upgrades.

Today, cloud-based technology has enabled Apple devices such as iPad® tablets to be turned into complete, secure and multi-functional POS systems that are less costly, more mobile and easier to use than traditional POS systems. A recent study discovered that 20% of retailers of all sizes currently use mobile POS systems, while another 56% are planning to implement use of these systems within the next three years. Aside from convenience and lower cost, the transportability of a mobile device enables owners to conduct work from home and allows employees to assist and checkout customers throughout the store. This mobility prevents long checkout lines, enhances customer service and can potentially increase sales by as much as 25%.

Tablet-based POS systems effectively replace the traditional cash register, but they can also manage other business needs, all within a convenient, centralized system. There are many highly rated cloud-based POS software systems currently available. While features may vary according to the particular POS system you choose, installing POS software on an Apple device can enable you to accept customer payments; send digital receipts via text message or email; receive customer feedback; control inventory; manage tips, taxes, and discounts; accept online orders; manage employee logins; track employee sales; connect to direct deposit; integrate loyalty program features; and, for restaurants, keep open tabs and split bills.

Additional hardware is easily accessible and inexpensive. You can add a small credit card reader that fits into the mobile device's headphone jack, permitting you to scan customer cards for payment, and you can even purchase chip and contactless readers to accommodate chip cards and mobile-based payment methods such as Apple Pay®. Unlike traditional POS providers, tablet-based POS apps offer low month-to-month service fees with convenient cancellation policies.

Pre-owned Apple Devices: The Better Choice

When thinking about using an Apple device for your business's POS system, you should consider a pre-owned device for several reasons.

  • Cost - Even though an Apple device may be much less costly than a traditional POS system, new, "off-the-shelf" Apple devices from a big box store are notoriously expensive, requiring a relatively big investment. This cost can pose a particular barrier for new business owners who will most likely already be paying start-up costs and fees. Although Apple® offers pre-owned devices, the discount offered through Apple is usually never more than 20%, and often 10% or less. When buying through Experimac, however, the difference in cost is astounding, saving business owners and individual consumers an average of 60% on purchases. For example, new iPad tablets start around $400, Experimac often has iPad tablets available for purchase starting at $199.99.
  • Reliability: Unlike other pre-owned products, you do not have to worry about a reduction in quality when purchasing Apple devices. Apple products are reliable and designed to last for a long time. At Experimac, you are guaranteed to receive a product that has gone through rigorous inspection, testing and reconditioning, making it as good as new.
  • Options: You may prefer a "vintage" Apple product, which, like a classic car, might actually make for a better model. While purchasing directly through Apple will only allow you access to products from the past five years, Experimac offers pre-owned Apple devices from 2007 and beyond.
  • Service: When you buy a pre-owned Apple product through a resale store like Experimac, you will have easier access to help and support, along with enormous benefits. At Experimac, these benefits include quick same-day or fix-while-you-wait service, a 90-day cost-free replace or repair warranty, honest and reliable quotes, and excellent customer service from Apple product experts in numerous locations across the U.S. and abroad. You can come into the store to test the equipment, and if you experience any problems down the road, you do not need to make an appointment or box up and ship your device for repair; just come in to a convenient nearby location!

If you are starting a new business or looking to upgrade your POS system, come visit us and experience the Experimac difference.